Sunday, September 21, 2008

Miracle 2 -Mr Png Kok said "God willing......."

I got the following article from my Google subscriber! What's an attitude that Mr Png Kok And has? Living with the most deadliest cancer with advanced Stage! Yes...I am so thankful for the medical and medicine advance! I am so so happy for Mr Png Kok And that Nexavor is working well in his body! Nexavor is also use for Lung Cancer.

I did not go to the church this morning. I wake up with pain all over my body! I did a stupid thing yesterday. I played tennis from 9 to 10 am with my coach, sweat like a cow, and then went to the MBK mall which is too cold with high air com! I think I got a cold. Robins need a DVD cabinet and need my help!

Have a good Sunday!

SEPTEMBER 20th, 2008

MOST liver cancer patients with his advanced stage of liver cancer do not live more than three to six months on average. That is what doctors say. But Mr Png Kok And, 60, has defied the odds and is still alive and kicking six months later.

There is also no sign that his cancer is growing.
And Mr Png intends to go on living longer than his doctor has estimated.
'God willing I can do it. It's all in his hands,' he said. 'Of course, I'm helping as much as I can by living a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy food, no more alcohol, no more durians or other 'heaty' fruits,' he said.

What is helping him do this is a newly- approved drug for the treatment of liver cancer called Nexavar.

Thanks to the drug, Mr Png now has a good quality of life. He gets out and about, drives himself everywhere he wants to go, and goes bowling.

Mr Png, who was diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer early this year, said: 'I feel great, everything is very normal. I live life one day at a time and I get to do everything I want to do, such as go to church twice a day, and meet up with my friends who are mostly retired.'

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