Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Obama and black

I saw Obama did the talking in CNN this morning in a short news...Said, "I know there are some won't vote for me because I am black..bla bla bla"... This lead me to blog about Obama and black. I do not see Obama is black nor he is white, I see him black and white! True.. he is black and white right?

I remember once, I decided to stay in US. Me, my mother in law, my father in law and Shan, we went to see the school for my son. We like Montessori Private School. They asked us to fill in the paper. In one information, I have to pick...

White, Black, Asian, Latin, or ALIEN!!! (even Eskimo was there). I look at my son...I did not see in him Black, White, Asian, Latin.....I talk to myself "Ohhhhhhhhh...in US people calls my son Alien!"... Next comes one question to myself ,"What is the Alien?" " Without thinking, I was not so happy for that. Are they saying my son is from the outer space? or I had sex with Alien to made this boy??" Well I saw the Alien Movie and I do not like the look of Aliens, for me they look like more animals with bad attitude!

My father in law is an old Southern man, polite and very proud of his Scottish blood. He is not so happy to put his grandson in "Alien Group"... He has a good point you know...said, "Why can't call him White/Asian or White/Yellow?" I thought "Hummm good questions!!!!"

Let me search my son's blood lines, ( I am afraid, there will be many bloods)!!. OK lets see my side...My grand mother ( my mom side) is Chinese, born in China. She married to my grand father, who is a pure mountain Shan (Tai Yai) who she met in Shan State. My father side is full of hill tribes, including Lahu, (honestly I do not know much history of my father's parents, I never seen them, they were never part of my life because of young divorce may be).

Let see Robins's blood lines...very easy right?? White and Scottish! That's all!! What I like about Robins is he told me, long long time ago.."I am American!!". Now see my son is half white and half yellow and a little bit of black (mountain Shan are quite dark) not like other Shan people at all. As he was born in Guatemala City in Central America, Yes, he is pure Chapino and likes burritos!

Lets not put the colour first place in every situation. We all have two eye balls with a set of brain. So lets see clearly and use that BRAIN good!

If my son is still in Alien category, yes he is a good looking Alien, so does Obama is a good looking black and white man!

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