Friday, January 16, 2009

Miracle in Hudson River

Wake up 6:30 am, turn on my TV! Saw this plane floating on the Hudson River. The CNN reporter said "Miracle in Hudson River!!" First I thought "Me too much medicine and not sleep enough???" Rubbed my eyes looked at the TV again but the same thing "A plane floating on the water!"

I sat down and watched the news. Agree with the Mr Wolf, the new man said "Miracle in Hudson River". Indeed this is "Miracle in Hudson River!!" All alive!! Knowing flying is safer than on the ground, still I hate flying. I just do not like the feeling of flying. I really do but no choice I have to fly back to US if not I will be in the big boat for how long???

Once I walked out from the plane in Denver Airport (I think 1994). The pilot was begging that it too heavy (for high latitude ?? figure it out yourself please), to take off and need 3 or 4 passengers (can't remembered exactly), to help leave the plane. No one moved. Robins told me that "I need to be worked on time so please do not leave." I can't hear him because of my flying phobia, I did walk out! Not bad, got 700 $ per person. I do not care the money here but I do care the plane will fell off from the sky.

Said, "Bird Strike" to the engine is suspected for the plane landed on the water. Also said, the geese may did it!! I thought the engines are built for to resist the bird. My language will say, the engine suppose to chop off the birds if this is occur! right?? Obviously these geeses are so friendly with the scare ballom also. Well... some birds are not stupid. I have to google that what kind of engine the A 320 has??

Above of all..Thanks God for everyone is safe. So happy for the passenger who tasted one of the best times of their life.

I want to share some of my thinking. I have heard many arguments when 9/11 was occurred. People said "Where is God? Why God allowed this? That's why I do not believe in God! .... I thought God can stop such bad things happened" . Wait a minutes here! Look at today news. Evey one safe, the rescuer team came in 15 minutes, land on the water, pilot was calm, all worked in harmony and above of all...all the passengers were safe.

My question to me is.......When things positive result, like the new said miracle in Hudson River, we all said "Thank you God" but When things went bad why some do blame on God??? It's not fair judgment to God right?

God knows everything, more than me and us. That's why I trust in Christ! I am a simply believer and will never confuse on that. My faith won't stand on What God did that or this to me. My faith stand on "Pure faith"and I trust!

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