Monday, January 12, 2009

The bad parts of my holiday

Life is back to normal and good. Right after the Christmas, on 26th we went to Shan State, Burma starting our holiday. I wondered this is real holiday or torture to yourself? Robins like to see strange things as he is from a good normal life family but I am from the jungle so I no need to see back ward things that much. In April I might fly to Australia and get real holiday.

I haven't been back to Shan State almost 20 years. Didn't change much. I can still recall some parts of the town that I was born. It was bad that we can't fine real Shan Food except more or less look likes Chinese Food. Most of the trip I ended up with "Fried Rice", safe for my liver and good!!

This is one of the cheap car that runs between Tachileik and Keng Tung. The road is twisted almost all the way. I wish you all see the car that we rented. It was so rusted, so old and so much holes that the cold wind blow into my face constantly. See there were holes where the iron had rusted a way which make me feel like getting free air com in cold weather! But after seeing how the local travelling I was so happy with my own private rusted mini van. Can you imagine "I am sitting on the roof of the car"???....Hah! Well....If the time comes and if I have to do so, I am not hesitating to sit on that roof of the car my friends. I will never say "never". I am a person with the low nose and low butt! Oh yeah I have seen people with high noses.

Robins always like to see different (for my language I would say, Robins likes "bad views"). We went to see AKei People. Actually I never seen before either. Also I have never ever seen animal run so freely as the way they like. Chicken, pigs and dogs...They are all over including butt naked children too. I mean all over. The pigs are so friendly with you that they almost kiss your feet if you do not kick them. Around their house was very LITTLE clean but the rest woow................. I saw so much #$%^, I mean mix @#$%. My friends, these villages are stints and smell bad. I feel sad for their lives but no choice. One thing I noticed that there is no one fat people in the village. Healthy or force to be thin, I don't know.

The other village (we went 2 villages which is enough for me), is "Black Teeth People" villavge, also call "Enn" people (my spelling??). I saw only 2 women with very black teeth but the rest were not black but "YELLOW".

See in this photo me with Shan are doing the hard work. The guide is way in the front. By the way he speaks good English. We had to walk and climb to see the villages. Not an easy work you know!!!

Oh yes....I can't wait to say about my massage experience in Keng Tung. I was tired so I told the girl in front desk to fine me and Robins a masseur. Here came a man who bring wired thing to massage me and Robins. He took off so many little things from his pouch to use for massage. I was shocked when I saw his massage oil. I refused to use it on me because it is looks very scary. He mixed the palm oil with alcohol, pepper seed, some herber leaves with Eager Bird's liver and feet (see in the left side bottle), the nails was still attached. The masseur said to us that in the right side bottle oil was for to boost sexual apatite because it is mixed with "Snake's Balls". I took biology in my university year but missed that part of learning, snake balls!!. I refused to used both oil saying to him thatI have no problem with that except with my foot. I ended up having foot massage...honestly it was bad. I love Thai massage.

We got the chance to see the Shan King Palace (Sao Pha Long's house), which is only one left for the family (the photo). The rest were torn down for a model hotel own by the Government. It is sad. My grand mother used to play in their compound when she was young girl. 2 of my uncles and my mum got American Scholarship for their education because of the Sao Pha Long, Our Shan King helped.
When we checked in (unfortunately all the Keng Tung hotels were full so no choice I have to stay this model hotel, actually the best in town. The people working there were nice to us though, they loved my US Dollars too), my cousin Stella said in Shan Language to the lobby girl, "I want all my both side rooms are occupied. I am scared and I have heard that this hotel has ghost and haunted people." My jaw dropped because I rather worry real people than the ghost! She did mention once before the trip but I did not pay attention to her. I only believed in "The Holy Ghost" the rest, I don't care.
The local has the story that our Shan King's family was so hurt by their houses were torn down. Some said at night they heard the Sao Pha Long's speech. Some heard the foot steps, some hear the children playing sound ta ta ta ta. Anyway local said the Sao Pha Long's family spirits are there because this is their home! I understand that too. If someone took my palace in force, I will be the big ghost and suck the blood every night!! Well this is the story that I was told. No wonder the hotel is most of the time empty. Sao Pha Long might be laughing from the sky.
This is the Catholic Convent for Akha people. It is beautiful and huge area. I found that while I was looking for a head nun who is my childhood friend's Aunt and the other reason, I wanted to pee pee so bad. It is very difficult to find a proper public toilet in Keng Tung. Actually none, zero!
I was smart to think that all the churches will have good toilet and they will let me in. I was correct. I found a good toilet at this Saint Joseph. Sanitary system in Keng Tung are still bad, still in poor conditions. Most of the toilets are still need to be squated.

How many people do exercise when on holiday? Not much I bet you! Unless you are a super model who need to keep the butt small in business.....but in my family, if Robins is with us we have to do the exercise. Look at these stairs of this monastery. It is 130 stairs or more can't remembered.
Robins said we need exercise. I was mad but I please him so I did climb but I got pain, I was sweat. Who got the profit for it?? I do not know in holiday time.
Am I enjoy this trip? I do not necessarily like it but I enjoy it because seeing Shan and Robins are with me, that's enough. Well...I can't lie so I should say... I am still looking for a nice place, Paris? Florance? Milan? With them or without my two men.
Remember "Enjoy Your Life".

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