Thursday, January 8, 2009

My blog titles

I bought the whole dress of A Kha's people dress. I put it on and went to their New Year Party. Was real fun part of my holiday (you will hear more about it). In this photo, I am trying to buy the hat of A Kha's people.
I came back but still busy with every things. Tomorrow is my MRI day. I prayed that My Christ has mercy on me. Yes he will, one way or the other to all his children. He knows what is the best for me and I trust him. My mum and my sister are not with me anymore but I trust in God that he knows what is the best for them. I already lined up for my next blog. Here are the some titles. 1. The best Christmas sermon, 2. The ugly part of my holidays, 3. The good part of my holidays.... will be coming soon.
Put me in your prayer. Can I put it this way??..Any way I will......... "The sincere prayers of the sinner is always work!" (OK... admit it that I am one of the siners too, may be the big one!)

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