Saturday, January 24, 2009

Very Fair Game

An eyes doctor shared the following,

" A friend led him into my office. The blind man felt about him for a chair and sat down clumsily. He was born with cataracts in both eyes, and he wanted me to remove them. I explained that I could remove the cataracts, but he would never have normal sight. Since he had the cataracts from birth, the retina and the neural pathways had not developed normally. Still he as sure that he would see.

A few days later, we removed the cataracts and covered his eyes with protective bandages. I was a way from the hospital when the bandages were removed so I did not see his reaction.

A week later, I spotted him coming to ward my office. He was walking rapidly a long a crowded hallway. He easily avoided bumping into anyone. He came in the office and sat down jubilantly without feeling for the chair."

On that day the doctor prayed.... " Father, give me faith to use the talents, senses and abilities You have given me in full confidence of Your ability to use them for Your good purposes."

When I read the above the experienced of a doctor, here I am doing the thinking about faith.......

When you are sick, God did not promise you that you are not going to die.
When you got a new liver, God did not promise you that your liver will always going to work.
When you have cataracts, God did not promise you that you will see again for sure.
When you are lonely, God did not promise you that you will find a true love one soon.
List can go on never ending. But..................

God promise us that...."Who ever abide by me shall be save"...Save for me is for sure. Save in this earthly world or Where? How?When? All up to the mighty God!
You and I are not God so will never know Where? How? or When? but I see all the very fair games.

I know when Christ heals the blind man, he said..................

"Go thy way; thy "faith" hath made thee whole."
Mark 10:52

Keep faith means, To continue to support a person or idea even when this is difficult. I will keep my faith in Christ when thing difficult or having fun!!!

Faith is combined by five short little words but the meaning of these five words is very deep, simple and also very mystery.
I love you, Christ!!!

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