Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Professional Gigolo

NOTE: Please read my this blog as " a time to kill"!!

The "Gigolo" and the Heiress

Helg Sgarbi, the Gigolo!

I just look in the Dictionary the meaning of " Gigolo". Well I know what is gigolo but wanted to know what's the dictionary will says. It said, A man who has sex with and is supported by a woman or Male Prostitute! Aha...What an easy job for a man. He got the pleasure and he got the money too!!

I read some more about the Gig and it said..they look for only "The Rich Women". Not the little rich but they want filthy rich women. It pewt me off! So glad that I am save too! See I have no money to waste!

Lately in new or Internet, you can read about the "Swiss Gigolo and the BMW heiress". I images them to see what are they look like. The lady is look good but she looks abit of "Desperate House Wife", so much money and nothing to do with in this world beside with the Gig and the cars!

On gigolo's photo, if you allow me to say unkindly and if I am in the BMW heiress's shoes, for sure my gigolo will be not less look than "Brad Pitt"!!! With the money that She has, she can find much younger and much good looking than the gig that she had. Honestly to say, he is not the beauty at all.

The case was.... Sgarbi tried to publicise secret video recordings of the women he having sex and asking the money. One of the victim was Susanne Klatten, BMW heiress. Sgarbi is trying to get 14 € million (638 million Baht, Thai money) from her. He got 7€ which Klatten was also tricked into parting the money. Why can't that Gigolo happy with 7€ ??? Greedy is talking here!

Klatten, the heiress went to police and open the case on Sgarbi is asking for a large amount of money to return for the sex tape.

My questions are why women fall for such gigolos? Why some women who have so much money but can't find so much good love instead of gigolo's love? If your lover ask you money in such a mount, does a woman need to wake up even you are in love? Well ....buying sex?? OK ...I better stop of my curiosities!

Over all I have learned that not all easy money are happy money! These easy money can give you the trouble now or later.

Sgarbi is now facing four counts of serious fraud and two charges of attempted blackmail.

For those super rich women, please find true love but not gigolo please!! Am I judging? If yes..my sorry to you.


Anonymous said...

But gigolo is an easy way too!
People are afraid to be loved for money and not themselves when they r young...when they get older
They are desillusionned by life and buy sex as food
Only aeed to fill... Usually these wpmen have power
With a lover they need to deal if not they lost their love
Gigolo is the easy way to be obviously a powerfull person.... Just to pay ... U dont have to care abt the
Feeling of your partner, its like an object!
So u r not in danger, dont be afraid to suffer
Love is allWays a part of suffering
Just have to let pplice handle it when it become bad!
Thing that u cant do in love!!! Lol

M said...

me too... Asking why these men are so ugly???
R these ladies so sexually desperated???

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