Monday, March 9, 2009

My Happy Face and Me

I look perfectly happy don't I? Over all yes... I am quite happy person even my insurance is going up unthinkably high and giving me, mostly to Robins, a big headache time to time.

We are paying X X X X X US$ per year because of my past sickness. I wish someone can do something this ugly Insurance Policy going up and up each year. If my Insurance Policy is not change and not kind to the policy holders, this will not kill the patient only but also mentally will kill the whole family.

Some of the Insurance Policy is just like cancer, unfortunately a very bad one which rapid spread type of cancer. How could they do that to people? The more I read, the more I know that lots of people lives short cut because they did not get proper treatment. Of course the "Money"!! Well..there are cases that load of money but die any way.

Our Insurance company increase my fee each year, the amount that you all can't think of it....WHY??? I have no answer for that beside bad policy??

In this time of the world, we all have our own problems but I can still keep my happy faces. To be fair, may be I am not working!!

Well.... no excuses folks, I do my fair share too. For my Robins to become one of the top of his field, I suffered 6 years a lone most of the time in Guatemala. When he was piloting the new farm in Belize, I was alone with the baby (maids, that I had no count because they are not emotionally not impact on me, yes they help!). I am not yakady yak yak on that but what I mean is I did my part of works.

Gen. 2:18 said, " Then the Lord God said " it is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is like him"..(
for Robins was me, Helen!! Do you all notice that even Gay people can't stay a lone they have their own partner too???)

Gen 2:21-22 said, " God took one of his ribs and closed the flesh at the place. Then the Lord God made the rib he had taken from the man into a woman and brought her to the man."
(I am a Christian so I believe that Bible is the words of God! See my case..there are so many men in Aisa but why in the world a man from far far a way?? On top of that a good man with a good rib that I got!!)

Here I want to share abit more about "The Rib". Most people think that men has one less rib than women because of the the way God created the women. There is no one ward in the Bible said...." So let the man has one less bone than woman". God never mislead us...never!!! A bone doctor said "Bone also regenerate!" . So we all have equal 12 sets of bone.

Gen. 2:21 said, "God took one of man ribs and CLOSED the flesh at that place".... "CLOSED" here is mean "HEALED"!! Do you think God took a rib from Adam and without healing and let it bleed to die?? NO WAY!!! See that's why I believed that God is the best Doctor since no one doctor was born on this earth!

Happiness, somehow I can still find the way to it. I know that my life will be up and down as the rest of the people. To take it in good way, means.... in pray, in attitude, in act, in response, that's all up to me. The day that I can't help of my Insurance payment, I will see the way how to deal with it. That's later story too. I am not crossing the bridge yet!!

Have a happy day!!

"Dear God,
Thank you for the happy time. Please be with us when unhappy time is with us. In Christ name,


Helen said...

I sent out my 4 photos to friends on Women Day and here is some emails back......

HH said: Helen, for you EVERY day is extraordinarily happy. And you make everyone, woman or man, happy just to be with you. Thank you.
Your hair is LONG!!! You look quite different but you are beautiful with your hair long or your hair short.

Pope said:Happy to you too!!!

J said: Photo #3 you look like sexy B. Grow your hair long and see what happens?

E said: thank you Helen for the wonderful pictures, you look absolutely great!!!

Anonymous said...

You amazing in long hair. May be this is what you should do next.

Margaret said...

Helen, Thanks for the beautiful pictures. Margaret

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