Friday, March 27, 2009

Wipe Off That Smirk!

Here is a very smirking face of Joe!!

As you are I have seen people with " The Smirk" faces often!! Human nature (some), do have that I know the most, my way is better than yours, my knowledge is larger than you, my taste is far nicer than yours... so many with wrong attitude....Well, sometime yes! you mith be the right position to do so but that's doesn't mean right. (By the way I do have that smirk face sometime when the people starting to talk to me like I was born without brain!!).

I had 2 kinds of smirk faces before. One was "The Smirk" inside my body and the other was "The smirk" that show on my face. The altitude that wanted to show off that I am not dummy. I even get into discussion. Now with the new attitude, I did wipe off the smirk which I have (no successfully yet! still do have very little smirk, I think). I even listen patiently of other's thinking and just talk to my self.... "Wowwww what a different!!" and...I am also now good at avoiding "the people with the smirk faces"!!

Then last night at my devotional time, this is what I learn and praying for ........

"Rejoice not when the enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he strumbleth. Proverbs 24:17"

"After having her first migraine headache, a friend said she would not wish one on he worst enemy. She's a much more loving Cristian than I am. I'm not always so restrained in what I wish for those who've caused me and mine trouble or heartache. I've found it difficult to control the smirk muscles in my face when people who "deserve it" finally get what's coming to them. It's even more satisfying when someone who has tired to trip me falls instead.

What does smirking say about me? Nothing good. Good clearly doesn't want God's children to harbor ill feelings toward anyone. Proverbs 24:17 rules out even a small bit of joy as an appropriate or loving response to an enemy's troubles. There's too much "me" where Christ should be. I still have a lot of love to learn to wipe out and wipe of the smirks.
Do you ever smirk when your enemies fall? Are you glad to see them stumble? If so, what emotion should replace your joy? "

"Dear God, I don't please You when I enjoy another person's failure. Forgive my pride that still seeks to come out on top.


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