Thursday, March 5, 2009

My God and Me

Lately I have seen and heard the news which are sad and unhappy.

Last night, someone called me because one of our church members finished the contract and looking forward a new job. She wanted to know that Robins, my husband can help or not!! I can't answer for that.

Then a friend came the other half way from the world to see a new things, a new place, a new life to mend his broken heart.

Come another very sad new was one of our friend lost her husband in such a horrible way. She almost lost her second son and herself too.

What are all these? Why such a horrible things happen to good people? I know very little answers from my side of views. In my God's view, I do not know because I am not God, period!! I know the man lost his job because the company is not doing well. The man's heart broken because the other party not love him anymore. I know my friend lost her husband because of a nasty anger group of people.

Some people will ask some questions if they are in those bad situations!!

Where is God I am not happy?

I thought God can do every thing, right?

How can all the wrong are with me?

Let me repeat it again. My life is like this..My mother and my father got divorce when I was barely 9 year old. My mother die of liver cancer at 42, My only one sister die of liver cancer at 31. And now I got hit by liver cancer which ending up staying with some one's liver!! Here I will tell you the truth. All those years... I have no mad at my God. I have no anger to my God. I have no looking or asking where is my God? Instead......I do pray! I beg to help me! I seek his mercy! I asked to forgive me, and I tell God that I will do good better!

My point is..there are some believers who put the trust in God more knowing how faith with action works. Others react different ways....

I read in a book by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend. They are clinical psychologists. They wrote .."God certainly is God and God can do any ting. "With God all things are possible" (Matt 19:26). "He rules the universe"..(Rev. 19:6).

How ever although God can, God doesn't do every thing. Here are some that God did not do......

God doesn't drive your car to the church.

God doesn't water your lawn.

God doesn't tell your Kid that you love them..."

After I read this book I see more clearly. i.e. God give me a beautiful child and to love my child is my job. God already teach me what love is. What I have to do is telling my son that I love him and show him.

I will never jump out from my 16 floor saying my God will help me. Surely I will die. I have a brain which God gives me in good purpose but to use is wisely is up to me. God seeding everything for us and we have to take care of our parts.

Bottom line you can't manipulate to God and God make it clearly too! In truth, we all will find Christ, our God!

My thought and my prayer are with my friend who lost her husband recently.

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Helen said...

Randee Ramesh: in Delhi and Fariha Karim in Dhaka The Guardian, Friday 27 February 2009 Article history

Mutineers forced to surrender after massacre in Bangladeshi capital

"Several army officers held hostage with their families were released in phases under the watchful gaze of tank commanders who kept their gun barrels trained on the BDR compound.

Outside the military hospital anguished families huddled, speaking through sheets of tears about the rising death toll. Former retired army officers say that the number will be in triple figures.

Many of the bereaved were numbed by the sight of their dead relatives. Najneen Firdousi said her brother-in-law, Colonel Mujib-ul-Haq, had been shot at "least three times from behind. It was murder. I have seen the bullet wounds. How could they do it? ... He was a commanding officer."