Thursday, April 16, 2009

In Peace

Suddenly everyone is in peace in Bangkok, Thailand. Red, Yellow, me and my friends we all are happy. I hope this will last longer and never pop up again. Well... nothing can be said "never again never".

I was very in peace on the beach. I think I ate 20 crab, 5 fish and 4 squids, did 2 foot massage and one facial treatment. I look good but my belly looks a little stick out when I came home. Robins is on fruit diet and I am still eating. I was not only in peace but also in happy.

Last night we were at the pool with some friends. One of my friends introduced me to a lady who is doing PhD in Linguistic!! I was so interesting in what she is doing, I really do! Look I am not top smart but I am not stupid either. She is the first person who I see doing about languages.

I have seen so many MDs and PhDs in my life. I have go wowwww for hearing on all the organ transplants too. (By the way I got one do not know how my doctor did it but was a good one. I thanks Christ for make it working in me. It's a Miracle if you think it is not, I understand that why not a miracle for you but for me it is a definitely very yesssssssss!).

The other thing I was so amazed in.... (let me think here how to put it in polite way???), OK that woman who cut her husband dangling off and then holding it while she was driving for long?? 5 hours?? 3 hours??. Here come the smartness of the US doctors, they successfully reattached the dangling and it works! (it's said so on the news). I am sure you all saw that long TV live on. I was in Guatemala at that time. If I am in that lady shoes, I do not know that I will thank to the Doctors or not though!! Well...It is not nice to say such thing but unless I am honest to you.

OK back to PhDs. I saw PhD men and women who did a good job on this earth. I have met one PhD who did the fish and flu vaccine, another one who knows about shrimps, another one who are good at Education, many on nutrition, another one who did Omega 3. etc...Here come very interesting one, a Sweet Potato Expert, a PhD who I meet long time ago. Do we really need sweet potato Doctor after many many years the farmers are still producing enough for us?

Here is one question I want to ask you, Do we also really need a linguistic PhD? The lady is doing on Children how to start learning different languages and how . In my own way what I learn and see for the best way to know a child nature of linguistic ability is .......I think children who expose to a certain time of other language speakers. In time and in God Creation, automatically they starting to speak the language of the person who the child spend the most in his or her early time. I have seen American children who speaks Shan, Kaw, Lahu, Wa, Thai, Burmese you name it, they do well cause they lived with the local what ever their parents did in other part of the world. So do we need PhD to go into a child's brain and see what happening?? If you want to say or I want to is simple. It is hearing and repeating. You go into linguistic child's brain the answer will tell is call "Developing!!".

I.e. Shan, my son! His mother is mixed blood woman from Shan State and his father is 100% American but my son first word is "Aqua, then ball and bird".. Spanish is his very first foreign language because the nanny speaks nothing beside Spanish. He learn that by his nature giving by which I believe in God's creation.

Well over all what this lady doing is more than what I am how the cells are connecting?? how is works?? and how to fix it ?? ta ta ta ta and bla bla bla. In my language I would say..most all the children who are normal will speak other languages depend on the situation unless the child is not intelligent or something wrong with health or unkindly say, a child who are in retardation.

Another thing that I want to talk is.....OK You can call me not smart talking here but I will say something..How do you think about of Global Warming Experts!! I think it's abit late, might still help a tiny step but how well will help that''s I do not know. Let me ask the following questions..

Would you like to wipe your mess with paper, water or as Global Friendlier with Cloths and Rewash it?? Who's going to wash that dirty cloths? Even maid won't do it! let see to save the paper you wipe with or the clothes which relative to water consuming. You save the paper and the cloths but you waste the water or the banboo or the pine... right? For me I rather have water than paper or the cloths if there is a choice to do so.

After the planes are doing such a good job and suddenly you want to say too much CO2 and need to do something. If there is a damage, we did already for a long long time. So would you like to go back to the bullock cart or horse ride or ass ride again..lets do it but we all must do together then this will help Al Gore happy.

Nuclear is bad yes it produce good one too. Would you like to go back to stone age? Let deal with No Nuclear weapons and No light for saving energy. Switch off 8 hours in one day for the whole year is not working folk unless we all go back to the cave! I must stop my bla bla bla now well..... I like to "hapla" sometime so what's the heck!!

My conclusion is.....We all can do what make us happy if this is not hurting others! If we human in peace the rest will come nicely.

Peace for me including Love will cover all..friendships, families, churches, businesses, war and nations including........Global Warming!!

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