Monday, April 20, 2009

Wake Up Call!

She looks like 23 and he looks like 63!! Well..he is happpy and she is too.

A wake up call for who? Sorry.... not for Global Warming yet but for those people who are old lonely or elderly guys or desperate divorcee or stepping stone women looking for the life long partner.

As you all know that the Chinese and the Indian people do believe in the "Match maker" saying the parent need to make sure of their child's future family life...mostly in material!! Not all successful some fail.

I saw with my eyes that a fail marriage to an educated Indian girl. She got married into a man that her parent matchmake for her. Only 3 months together she ran back to her parent. The man was mentally unbalance or mentally handicapped!!....Say, slightly crazy. Well no one can't stay with slightly or fully crazy man. That's the fact!!

For me I matchmaker for my self! My parent doesn't help me either. Actually I helped myself. My parent, they both busied with their own life. What the most Robins, my husband attracted to me was...his quietness, simpleness and not show off. He does not care who ware what clothes, who has how much money or who has what branded watches or shoes. He is a person very happy with street T-shirts. He does care 3 things....Shrimp, Stock market and his toes!! Do not ask me why his toes? ...this will be another story.

Living in Bangkok is not so different from other parts of the world . Here we do have matchmaker agencies too. Never been there but know some who are using. The amazing thing is.... some of the men who used such kind of agencies are not ugly beside they are very educated, materially OK but they are OLD though.

Found the the article from The Nation Asianews, Bangkok, dated on April 19-25 2009. Very interesting...I would say wake up call for both lonely men and women.


BY He Na, China Daily

Lured by the prospect of marrying a Westerner and living a comfortable life overseas, 39-year old Liu Qian (not her real name) sold everything she had, only to harvest tears.
In 2005, Liu's Chinese husband dumped her and their young son and moved into a new pair of sheets. Liu become so desperate that she almost contemplated suicide but held back only because of her 5 year old boy.

Just as she was reconciling with her failed marriage, she saw an advertisement making tall claims of facilitating successful marriage with well heeled foreigners.

When she first saw this ad in 2006, she was suddenly filled wit hope. She sold her minibus, her only source of income , and paid 24,000 Yuan (Chinese money which I called...Rain-man-pee), (US$ 3,500) to the Jlin Yiguanglian marriage agency, to become a member.

Some days later, Qiao Chunxian, manager of the agency, brought her some letters, which she claimed had been mailed from foreign con tries to Liu. "Qiao said a foreigner had shown great interest in me and was going to visit China in August, 2007, " Liu recalls.
However, after waiting ofr more than half a year, the only news she got from Qiao was he had lost contact with the foreigner.

The agency attributed his disappearance to Liu's looks.

"Qiao suggested that I undergo cosmetic surgery. In followed her advice and spent more than 10,000 yuan (US$1,462) on the operation. I did look better than before but Qiao still could not put me in touch with the foreigner", Lui says.

Qiao then began coming up with all kinds of strange excuses such as Westerners do not like women with children and that the feng shui of Liu's house is bad!!

Lui swallowed all this as she was desperately holding on to the possibility of marrying a man from the West.
But more than a year passed and Liu had still not set on her eyes on her prince Charming.

It was only when she met several women like her asking for refunds at the marriage agency, that she realised it was all a scam.

"I was devastated and just kept crying ." She says.

Lui's experience is a bitter example of the growing number of marriages between Chinese and Westerners as china opens up to the world. Inter-cultural marriages, once never heard of in China, are mushrooming across the country.

Dreaming of an affluent life in the West, not only young Chinese girls, but also middle-aged women, are jumping on to to the mixed marriage bandwagon without a second thought.

However, they often have little knowledge of foreign countries or of their language, and this can cost them dearly.

The news writer He Na continued written about the girl name Li Li who pay 20,000 yuan to the same agency. She got told the Westerner believing in pre sex and was common in the west. Li agree to this too.

The Westerner man disappeared and Li got mad. She was further horrified to learn that a few of those women had been hooked up with the same man. (I would say the man shopping well!)

He Na said, 70 victims made a report to the police and Qiao Chunxian was arrested in February 2008.

what did I see here. If you think in life everything is easy, everyone will walk on this easy road. Nothing is free and nothing is easy nowaday.

I is a Wake up call for all of us including ME!!

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