Monday, April 27, 2009

Pig Flu!

A very high self confident pig?? This one has no Swine Flu!!

After Tennis I went to Emporium for Lunch! Met a Japanese lady at the Taxi queue. As I am very easy to make friend, we chatted for 20 minutes. Rain was unkind to Bangkok yesterday. Water all over the level of above your knees. We can boat easily!

Out of no where she said, "My husband just came back from Mexico 3 days ago. I worried about him!!"... When she said that I talked to myself "Wowwww I am worry about me." I feel that there will be some Swine Flu sooner or later in Bangkok. I have to mask myself or stay at home for...oh how long???

Yesterday I went to see my doctor and throw him so many questions. He said if I have flu like I have to call him and get test. We do not have Pig flu test but we have human flu test in Bangkok. I guess if not the human flu, might be pig or chicken flu then. I feel a bit better after knowing what to do if this hit me!

Can still eating pork???....It is the question. The news said we are safe to eat pork. So here I did my research and read many interesting things. I found this question in internet...

Are Muslims and Jews safe from swine flu?

They do not eat pork. Actually Muslims do not deal with pigs at all. A Muslim is required to clean himself if he touches a pig. Does that mean Muslim countries will be least affected by swine flu?
-20 hours ago
- 3 days left to answer.

Here are some answers people put on internet....

1. Well i dunno if they are safe from swine flu or not..but when i was in Iraq, it was socially unacceptable to have sex with a women before marriage..but goats and camels are think I'm joking but I'm being very serious. I don't think they have too many pigs over there though.

2. Its spread through the air. if someone is infected and is in the area it doesn't matter what religion you are.

3. ITS not what you eat its your environment. its in the surfaces you touch and air you breathe.

4. don't eat meat and I'm just as likely to get it. Plus I work in a hospital which doesn't help my case...

5. You do not get Swine Flu from eating pork. Period.

OK many answers go on and on.......

For me is be caution! Stay alert! and take care of yourself!!

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