Monday, April 6, 2009


Four years ago at the early evening tea time with a lady, she told me about her sister who just passed a way 1 year ago...with the tearful eyes this lady told me, "I wish I listen more to my sister and help her". She had this only one sister who married into a man obviously not good at all. OK let say her sister name is "Rita"!!

Rita was a Catholic background. Her husband was abusing her by verbally and also a womanizer. After much years of silent, she approached her sister (the lady that I know), and her mother to help her out of this marriage but she got told "No you can't, we are Catholic and bla bla bla.....'

Not long after Rita jumped out from her 10th floor condo end her life that the only way she can think of it....calls suicide!!

Then 4 or 5 days a go an Asian man shot randomly at the immigration dept in USA. I am sure you all watched or read about this new. 13 people die. I am not sure what cause to this man to do such action Then I was thinking why he choose the location at the Immigration? He failed for the test??

Last night I read an article from "Time" magazine. The title was "Deadly Business" by Ling Wooo Liu. One of my old blog I talked a about "suicide" if this world business is going the way heading to, there will be more "male" dead.

Suicide is happened and happening if you do not get straight of your way of living or thinking! Especially to those people who do not master the money and let the money master their lives.

Liu said in his article.." Rises in male suicide rates a year after the 1997 Asian financial crisis...In South Korea 45%, Hong Kong 44%, Japan 39% (I should say, it is alot!! Much release to know more male than female too!!).

Liu said " A lot of Asian people just work without any other things to make life more interesting; if they lose their jobs, it throws life into total disarray", says Paul Yip, director of the Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention in Hong Kong.

Again I am starting to do the reading and found Encyclopedia of Death and Dying !! In one page said......

"The taking of one's own life is the result of a complex interaction of psychological, sociological, environmental, genetic, and biological risk factors. Suicide is neither a disease nor the result of a disease or illness, but rather a desperate act by people who feel that ending their life is the only way to stop their interminable and intolerable suffering".

I know people are different but suicide is a looser job because it is the last straw that he or she grasp......I would call this, selfish individual way to go. Before reaching the last straw, people should seek for help. Suicide did not poop up, it built up in period!!

Nowadays even with the genetic, there are plenty of ways to control by medicine. Not taking the medicine is the looser who heading to suicide even you do have genetically bad blood!! I would say....your own make it worse??

Lost of people say "I feel guilty"... I have learn in life that people (including me), who say feel guilty are indeed "You are guilty".

"Life is value, try to live happy". I am trying too. If keep failing please see the mental doctor cause I hate suicide. My best mental doctor is "Chirst".. He said it all, "How to live life in value".

"A merry heart does good, like medicine, but a broken spirit dires the bones." Proverbs 17:22

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