Monday, November 17, 2008

Life after Dead

"When you die, if you are a nice person you will become an angel and if you are a bad person you become a bad ghost!"..This was what me and my friends conversation in Shan Land! (I think I was only 8 or 10 year old. That time my brain was only half developing and so did my friends who had the same size of my brain but we did have the best time in Shan Land with our small brains.)

I had heard some stories about ghosts when Tsunami hit in Indonesia. In South of Thailand I think around 6000 people die also. This is a good one story about ghost that I had heard..."One night a Taxi driver in Phuket was got stop by a 5 young people. The driver stoped and they got into taxi. They were talking and laughing but after 10 minutes drove, the driver hear nothing and the car felt much lighter. So Driver turned his head and checked but there was no one in the car anymore. They all gone. The driver drove so fast back to home.."

I do not believe there are ghosts because I just don't!!. I never seen ghosts nor smell ghost in my life. (Well I even do not know how's the ghost smell, do you???) . Oh yes...I was told once that they have to move another hotel because a ghost was standing by their bed side and the wife saw it clearly. She refused to stay in that hotel. (It was told by the wife to me, actually she told me twice!)

I saw a blog just only talking about life after dead! These are what they are talking and answering for whether life after dead or not. They said...

1. No. I think we all become worm food!
2. I would rather be a fish food.
3. Is there life after marriage? ( This one make me laugh!)
4. Yes, but I can't prove it to you till I experience a death.
5. Death mean we are sleeping and will get up when Jesus is coming for the second time.
6. Give me your number, if there is I will ring you right a way. (A good one!)
7. There is life after dead, my family and friends experiences with ghosts!

The blog goes on and on with many points of view.

I do not think so much about life after dead because by my faith, I know I am in the hands of my Lord Jesus. Now as my brain is getting fuller day by day, I will not put my thinking time on life after dead. I am a believer I would agree with someone said "By Faith I know where I am going just I can't prove you because I am not dead yet!"


Anonymous said...

To give comment to cover about "Life after Death", in view of a Burmese, would be so much philosophical if you have not go into it in depth as a Burmese. I have just happened to watch so famous "Lake Wood Church: Dhamma Talk" exactly two times during a month and a week period after I landed in the U.S., my first time. In yesterday's, Sunday, talk, the Preacher(?) JoeOsteen said to "go into the Deeps", which I like very much.

Anonymous said...

Regarding your topic, Life after Dead:

Currently I am studying Pali and Buddhism in the University of Sydney , so I can explain to you from Buddha’s Teaching which is truth of the truths and we have to believe in this life.

I came from Buddhist parents, but I am not Buddhist yet until 10years ago.

After studying and learning various religions, I have chosen Buddhism and now I am studying Buddha’s teaching academically. Now I am a Buddhist truly from my heart.

So if you would like to know LifeAfterDead ( NextLife ) from Buddha’s teaching,

Then I can tell you from the teaching. Not my view.

I am not sure what your religion is but Buddhism is not the religion, the truths about the nature in this world and for all the beings in this world.

Helen said...

I am Christian and I love my Lord Jesus with all my heart. My believing is more than the truth about the nature in this world and for all beings in this world.

In Rangoon I lived with Old Finance Minister family for 14 years. A very nice Buddhist family. I know and see more or less how the Burmese Buddhism is.

Thank you for your comment though!

Anonymous said...

I am Buddhist. Buddhist believes "Life after Death". Too deep to discuss about "Life after Death" on blog. I will suggest you to read more on Buddhism if you have time.

Helen said...

Thanks for your comment. I just wanted to know is there life after Dead from Burmese people! That's all. As you say "You believe life after dead", this is enough for me.

Thank you!

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