Friday, November 14, 2008

New Ruby Land

I had seen Ruby from Burma, Africa, US, Vietnam but haven't seen the one from
new ruby mine calls LOI HPALENG!! I would like to see it.

Burma Army sends experts to new ruby bonanza
Reporter: Zong Arng

Nice gem specialists were among those who arrived at Mongton's Nakawngmu village on Tuesday (30 September) on their way to investigate reports that rich ruby deposits had been discovered in the western corner of the township opposite Chiangmai, said local sources yesterday. (Re: New rubyland discovered, S.H.A.N., 10 September 2003)

The 18-trucks security convoy went on to Poongpakhem further south to put up for the night. The next day, 1 October, the experts were escorted to the gem mountain of Loi Hpaleng near the Salween corssing of Ta Hpaleng, according to them.

"The Wa troops of Wei Hsuehkang were said to have been ordered by the local Burmese military to move out of the area," said one. "But the Wa, as usual, replied that they were still waiting for orders from their own superior."

Jalaw Bo, assistant commander of Wei Hsuehkang's 171st Regional Army, had dispatched one of his units to occupy the area, when Infantry Battalion 225 that had been holding it since July departed in early August.

At the time of this reporting, it is still yet to be known whether or not the Wa have left. More than 300 strong reinforcements arrived in Poongpakhem this morning (3 October). "It may or may not be connected to the ruby findings," said S.H.A.N. source from the border.

The existence of Loi Hpaleng rubies came to Rangoon's notice after Japikoi, a local militia leader, became unusually wealthy after he sold the "red stones" he discovered there as rubies from Monghsu in Tachilek, said a local businessman.

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