Friday, November 7, 2008

To Burmese People Only


I got this YouTube from Rose, Who is living in Canada. Rose is a good looking Burnese girl who I worked with her at my first job, UNDP. Later I got the job in American Embassy and she moved to Singapore than to Toronto, Canada. She is not only just a friend but a very good, funny, sporty and generous friend of mine. She flew down to Gainesville, Florida when I was just got my new liver. It was a very nice of her for staying with me 2 weeks. We did drive to Ceder Key together with another friend who flew in from LA. Was a very good time together. She came to visit me in Bangkok also, I think back 3 years ago. Rose loves to travel every where. She always said.....Life is you never know so enjoy it every minute!

Good for you Ma Rose and thank you for being such a good friend to me.

I laughed for 0ne minutes because of the accent of the German Lady who sing the Burmese New Year song. It is very cute and funny. I do speak Burmese but I do not understand what this woman singing about (honestly!!), except "Thing Gyan"...and "Pan Padauk".

My English is not that good also. Time to time my son told me "Ma ma you have to say like this or like that..." ! Robins used to tease my pronunciation when he saw me 25 years ago. I told both of my men, "If you guy speaks 8 Languages as I do, you can master me in languages!".. Good Hah? Shan, my son is now speaking English and Spanish. Thai Language, he is very understanding but do not like to respond yet. He is taking 2 languages both speaking and writing in Bangkok and said "Ma ma I do not really like French, it is a bit difficult".

Anyway enjoy the music. I wish I can get this song Original in Burmese. Again thank you Ma Rose.


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I appreciate the German woman learn to speak and sing in Burmese language.

Anonymous said...

Mari now wants to learn Burmese!

Maureen said...

Dear Helen,

I just want to acknowledge your story from the Facebook. It is not only interesting and inspiring how God is using you in a miraculous way. In fact, I am not sure of you whether you are my friend that I have known you in Yangon. The picture is not clear. And I hardly use Facebook and internet. While Rose was visiting Thailand, I went to see her at your house in Ekkamai. It had been long time. We can start our friendship if you are still in Bangkok.

May be we can see each other one of the days.