Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Bangkok and My Thailand

As you all know my Bangkok is on the news often lately. I hope this problem will go a way soon and will be back on the right track again. Tomorrow, I will not sending my son to school. From where I live, I have seen nothing at all but better Shan stays at home with me. We cancelled our Thanksgiving dinner and end up Japanese noodle shop (near by home), as we were told to go home by 9pm.

Last Friday Robins asked me to attend the cocktail for the Vitamin Group meeting. On that day the traffic was very bad because of all this mess happening in Bangkok. So I got out from my car and told my driver to go home. Then, I took off my shoes and I headed to the sky train with my bare feet. My feet were hurt like hell (do not know how the hell will be and never wanted to know either). See this....................I was with this 1 and 1/2 " high heel with a nice cocktail dress and here I am walking in the middle of down town without shoes!!!!. I bet I was look like a retarded woman. I couldn't walk it anymore I creamed at Robins to help me and rest in the park for a while. I was piss! Real Piss!

This evening I went to the grocery store and stock up water, dried food, bread..list went on. People are predicting that military will be involving tonight. What ever will be happen I hope there will be no mortality. Life is so value and why can't people live with harmony?

Hope everything will be normal soon in my Bangkok and my Thailand!

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