Monday, November 24, 2008

An email from my friend who visit to Rangoon

I got the following letter from my dear friend now who lives in Houston, Texas. While I was reading her email, my memory flash back to our good old time. We both studied at the same high school, ( St. Augustine, in Inya Road, Rangoon), and later we both worked for US Embassy. There were 5 young and beautiful girls working together at the Embassy. Cho Mar was famous for her figure, her morena skin and tall, Pinky was famous as a very simple and honest, Esme was always famous for her beauty (Well with those Shan + English blood, she has that always rosy cheeks), Sandy was quiet and not so much talk, I was famous for naughty, loud and party girl (very proud of it!! Looking back, If I did not parties that time I will never know what is my young life. If you think I am crazy..please go a head!). We were full of colours, full of young spirits, so much laughter and so much fun together. See our nationality too, I am Shan and Lahu, Picky is Karen, Cho Mar is pure Burmese, Esme is Shan and English, Sandy is I think Hmong and Burmese (not sure).

I want to share you our education back ground. Pinky and Esme finished with English Major, I finished with Zoology (hate those times that got into the dirty ponds and gave injection to the fish to make lots of babies! we human are always try to manipulate the other life including the fish's sex life!), Sandy is Economic Major (not sure but 80% correct), Cho Mar is whether English or Botany Major. Asked me why we all end up at the US Embassy... because our English are the best in Burma (I admitted it here that my English is the worst in among my friends and still the same position), in our generation. Oh yes older generation speaks very very good English in Burma and still do. My English was originally come from Charlies Angels and Hart to Hart. I love those TV series and repeated some of the conversation.

Those years were gone and now we all married except Cho Mar (live in New York). 4 out of our very close 5 friends, me, Cho mar, Pinky and Esme, we all now become US Citizens or Green Card holder. Sandy left Burma for a long time and now living in Australia. May be one of these years we might see each other in USA. Hope Sandy can come.

My friend the one went back to visit is Catholic. On Soul Day, she went to visit her aunt and my sister grave yard and took some photos for me to see. This is the first time I am going to see my sister's grave.

OK too much bla bla bla bla, must stop here. I want to share some latest news of Rangoon's beauty to those Burmese who live in over sea and who read my blog.

I am back to U.S. on 11/22/08 at 2:00 p.m. You can now reach me via email or phone as usual. Yes, can give my email address to our friend.

Back to Burma (Myanmar) for four weeks is like a walking on the cloud. Had a great time with family, friends and relatives. Rangoon (Yangon) changed alot in the sense of deteriorating/down grading.

Home based shops everywhere, the enormous ugly brick houses of those suddenly so called rich people destroyed the beautiful sights of city and the landscapes. Roads are pretty bad especially on the sides so all vehicles try to run in the center areas regardless of which direction they are heading.

Blue collars and people rich in time are everywhere even on the tar road walking in between the running cars. Commodities prices are shockingly up in the sky, even I dare not touch the items on the shelves after viewing the price tags.

No matter how badly destroyed the city (may be country), the true spirit.e kind hearted to each other is still remain the same. Thanks to God for giving the Burmese people kindness to each other.On all souls day, I went to cemetery. Took photo with Ju Ju's grave (close to my Aunt's).

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Kyae Zuu Tin Ba The.

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You welcome!