Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Part 3

Once a donor family said .."I thank the Lord for those who are living with parts of my son .." . I do have a huge respect for those families who lost their love child in very young age and still thinking about others. Instead of anger, they are coping with such a loving way!

I was a cancer patient now living with someone's liver from a family who are very thoughtful, loving, caring and unselfish. I do not know who give me this priceless present but this blog is dedicated to you. Thanks God for your family.

"Thank you so much for your giving on this Thanksgiving day!"

Thanks And Giving

Thanksgiving used to be such a fun holiday. A gathering of family and friends and food. The big three.
It's different now. Actually, I think it has more meaning. I probably won't celebrate it much this year. But that doesn't mean I won't privately give "thanks." Any of us living in cancer world needs to say thanks.
There are the obvious "thankees" -- the doctors, nurses, home care aides. Then there are the family and friends who lift us up every day with a phone call, a walk, an email, or a delicious loaf of bread.
Break it down, there are "thanks" and "giving."
We say "thanks" for their "giving." Their endless giving. And, let's face it. We couldn't make it without them.
-- Laurie
7:00 AM ET 11-25-2008

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