Monday, November 3, 2008

A visit to the doctor

This morning, I went to see the doctor to check my immune level. Still 170 which is pretty good. My new liver's function is actually way way better than my old liver's function. Well.... my old liver was carrying a big tumor so understandable.

Doctor said I might need to inject my immune around Jan the 5th! Looking forward to it? Noop........ because as this is going to be the first time injection, I am a big concern. I told Robins that he has to come with me and hold my arm or my bottom!! I asked so many questions to my doctor and according to him, it will be pain. The injection can be either on my arms or my bottom. I was thinking if on my arms, I might can't play tennis and if on my bottom, I might can't sit! Deep thought ha?

Remember I did mention one of in my blogs that last July in UF Hospital, I got the newest infusion which is no need premed. It was real good, no premed and shorter time also. Today my Thai doctor gave me a good news saying... Thai Health Ministry is looking into for that newest infusion. I bet Hong Kong and Singapore have it already.

Tomorrow, I am going to somewhere east of Bangkok to see Robins is giving seminar to the Thai Shrimp Farmers. One more China trip is waiting for him in December. I think this is a WAS (World Agricultural Society) meeting. Well someone in my family need to work. I am thankful that Robins is happy what he is doing. No complain!

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