Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Right after I got my new liver, I started to form a "Talking Group", an email group that I sent out often to all of my friends around the world. I do not really care that they all read it or not but mainly it was one of my therapies for to get ride off the "CANCER" out of my mind. Put it this way just writing down what ever came across of my mind.

I had read lots of cancer patient blogs and learning that they are dealing different ways of "The Cancer Problems".. Some are quiet way, some are very lousy way, some are "trusting in God" way and some are with herbs medicine....etc... But I am so wonder and admire those cancer patients who fight with pride and bravery.

Cancer are still time to time in my mind even though 2 years free of cancer. I know this is because of too much reading and knowing that mostly cancer goes 1, 2 or 5 years then kick off till who knows. My neighbours in Gainesville, I know there are 3 kick the cancer off. Two are Breast Cancers and One is Lung Cancer. They are mostly over 10 years survivors. Again I say so, I trust in my God who knows the best for me. I will walk with him till the day that I die!

I can't stay at home long hours that time because I am so scare, so afraid, so unclear and so unwanted to die. I am so worry of leaving my son alone that asked Robins to promise me to remarry only when my son hit 18 when the time he can taking care of himself...I doubt it!! I was even thinking to pick the woman that Robins should marry after I go...bad wish. Turst me I can't go that far on Robins, he knows who he is.

Anyway today I blog one of my old "Talking Group" email! It's always start with "NOTE: Read or Delete "...

Note: Read or Delete please feel free!

To all my dear one,

I have this Pomegranate Juice, like 10 dollars for standard or some big bottles are selling at $$$. I was drinking till I got this article from Dr. Arlo.... somehow he makes me think about this Pomegranate Juice. I am starting to feel....hummmmm real or not real and deal or not deal anymore with this juice.

I met this Pomegranate Juice Distributor at the beauty saloon in Gainesville. She handed me her magazine which explain what is Pomegranate? Come from Brazil and cure or prevent cancer, germs, cold, flu......OR you name it, including wired problems like male problems, female problems all can be cured. I did fall for hers sale talk and bought some. I do not know what is good for but I wee wee alot!

Arrived home have a look at the pamphlet that the distributor gave it to me. Some how I do feel there are so many BS in there. It said just selling "The Juice", you can become millioner or the owner of big yacht (typical Floridian, most rich people must have luxury yacht!), or it can do the wonder works!!

Then... I got this Dr. Arlo's writing about Pomegranate. He is right on that. May be that's why he got his PhD.!!! Arlo is good sometime!!! Well he is our friend for a long long time. I know Arlo on the day my honeymoon in BKK. That's mean he is our friend for 16 years!! In his writing said..........

"The label on the pomegranate extract claims that one-ounce of this juice has as much nutritional value as more than 15 pomegranates! I'm not sure how they figured that. You would probably have to ask the MBAs they hired to make up this kind of claim (i.e. Bullshit!! Arlo said that not me) while still not getting themselves sued for false advertising. But I am sure you would get a whole lot more than one ounce of juice out of 15 pomegranates. The bottle I bought for 25$ had 32 ounces of juice. At 15 pomegranates per ounce, this would mean they would have to squeeze at lease 480 pomegranates (15X32), to produce this one bottle. Pomegranates cost about 1.50$ each in the store. At that price, it would cost you more than 720$ to produce this one bottle that they sell for 25$!!, if you did it at home. May be it has something to do with the way they make tomato juice. Tomatoes cost from $1 to 6$ per pound in the store fresh, but you can buy a half-gallon of tomato juice for less than a buck!... A half-gallon of juice is about 4 lbs. I think it must take at least 6 to 8 lobs of whole, fresh tomatoes to produce one half gallon of juice. so the cost to make the juice yourself would be from $6 to $48 pre half gallon can, yet they can sell less than $1, and that includes the canning, shipping, ect.... may be the same people who make tomato juice also are making this pomegranate juice. I 'll have to check on that".................

I think Arlo is good on Juice!! I might talk to him and sue that pomegranate juice who already suck my money quit a bit too. Did you all see that nerd who sued the laundry company for 56 million dollars for ruin his pant!! Only in USA hah!

I am going to eat only fresh fruits now on but not that cowshit Juice!!! (Arlo said that ). I still have that pomegranate juice bottle and will go and have a look at the label now...........................

Have a good drinking juice day!

PS.. Dr. Arlo..thank you for educated me about Pomegranate!

I love you all,
bye bye

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