Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New President!

We got a new President!

President Obama!

In news today, some American are calling our new president as the First Black President! My question is why the other half, white folks did not call him White President? In general truth he is half white and half black but why we call him the First Black President? Instead, Why can't we call him only President Obama? Fair ha? (OK, I know more or less the answer is, I am not stupid.) But in my deep thought I can't understand Why people did not count his other half white colour? Instead of him if his wife is President, I fully understand that She is the First Black US President Michelle Obama. In future do we need to call The First White Woman US President Hillary Clinton??? Wired world ha!! Lets all forget the colours and can't we just see we are American???

If some one said my son is Shan, only half is correct and if some one said he is Scottish, only half is correct also. Yes, if people call him just "American"..I am 100% agree that is correct. If you call me Shan American, it is correct too because I am fully Shan become fully American. But if I become American Presient and if you call me The first Yellow American,.....Honestly I will be very unhappy President!

I did not vote for him nor neither like McCain. I have no choice and I wish if there is one more choice. I am not alone folks, there are some who feel the same. But President Obama is our President and we will respect him and support him all the way to 4 years.

I sat and watched the election all morning then at noon, I watched a movie. The name of the movie is.............,"There Will Be Blood"..... A very good movie and love it! Learn that Trusting in God is not a joke. The movie point out that no one is perfect. I like this movie alot.

We said "In God We Trust"...Hope we really means it and trust God in every situation, in good time or bad time.

Once I read..."If you are not believer, leaving God alone is much much better than challenging God"!!!!

May God Bless and Guides our President Obama and The United States of America!


rosita said...

hey kha kha,
i don't know how long he'll last. i'm seeing him as another JFK. when JFK was elected, he was around 47yrs old too. everyone is talking about assasination by skinheads or white extremists. last night he was behind the bullet proof glass. we have to pray for him, his family & country too. God bless America.

Helen said...

Ma Rose,

JFK was much younger, I think 42 only. Yes, lots of people worry about his security. You never know what kind of crazy people will do to him in this world.

Yes...he is my President and will be in your and my prayer that God will leads him and protects him.

Anonymous said...

read you right now...
nothing to say abt this election...i dont know each other just thought the campaign...and that is a limited view...for having a mind abt someone you must consider facts , and if actes are according to words...thats all...
as foreigner i respect the democratic right of choice of a leader...
certainly the choice of the leader is a mirror of the mind of the people...
problem is that presidentila elction is more abt a man than the ideas ...but behind the man are the ideal od a politic, view of life and world....

Helen said...

I like to post a respond to a reader who did not want to comment on my blog but only by emails.

I am Shan/lahu from Burma but the minutes I take the oath, Yes I am American. OK that's doesn't make me forget about Shan State where I was born. But for me, The United States of America is always first because I take that oat seriously. Love your comment!

Thanks agian,


leach said...

Honestly, I haven't followed the American elections very much.

It used to be that when America sneezed, the world would catch a cold. But a new world order is developing, especially so with the disappointing American response over the collapse of major financial institutions.

Obama or McCain doesn't matter to me as long as the US steps up to its international role even as it fixes it's internal problems.

Helen said...


We really need the good President with the good Brain not the President to enjoy seeing his tan color only.

How's Singapore?

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