Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Private Chicken dealer in China

One of my very very good friend sent this to my email. I decided to blog it since funny comments in my email. Actually some explanation in each photos but do not know how to blog them together. This is a private chicken dealer life starting in the early morning in China. He is an expert on DEAD chicken and turn them into commercial. Sorry to those chicken lovers!

Do we need ACC (??) people on his processing plant and on his chicken?







Anonymous said...

Disgusting! Revolting! Canit be true?

Anonymous said...

cause they collected dead chicken, means that these chickens arent in good health...
so the most important is there....how can be in good health if you eat sick meat....if think the treatment add after their death is ''la cerise sur le g√Ęteau'' means the ribbon around the gift !! (not same words but same idea!)(this picture is more easy to understand...
in fact best way is to become vegetarian !!!

Anonymous said...

Yummy..... Gai yang ha dow..... same same Kentucky....444

Anonymous said...

Gai Yang Bangkok dee mak!

Helen said...

Thanks you for all of your comments via my emails. I eat chicken but these photos make me pewt too. Well time to change to eat bugs or many leged animal???

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