Saturday, November 8, 2008

I Need Jesus!

Last night I read said, " Cambridge University Professor J.S. Whale received a letter from a man who wrote that he and his wife were in their mid-sixties and saw no need for Jesus. They had never visited a church, had no belief in God or a future life, and yet had been happily married for 40 years. They were highly respected, and they did their best to make this world a better place to live in . So the writer wondered what religion could possible offer them."

My question is ...A man who has everything, in his mid-sixties, a loving wife and good health..... But Why one day he wakes up and writes to someone that he is looking for what God can possible offer him. The man said, with no belief in God or a future life then why he asked what religion could possible offer them...Why?? Curiosity?? Need?? Seemingly he has everything so why does he need God?

Also I read, "When the sea of life is calm there seems to be no need for a storm subduing Captain in our little ship. But sooner or later our strength diminishes. We may suffer from a painful illness or some crippling ailment, we may be unable to care for others, or for ourselves, we may experience the loose of those we love, and the shadow of oncoming death will grow darker."

Let me share some of my back ground.... my great grandfather was a Monk, a mountain Shan monk....but with the loving, caring and sharing of a missionaries family about what is Christianity and the love of Jesus gave to us, he became a believing Christian. Now I am a 4th generation Christian. I give thanks to The "Young" family who introduced my family to the Christian God and are still doing missionary work today in the triangle area of Asia. They showed my family the love and goodness of God, and taught them the power and beauty of Christianity. My grandmother from my mother's side, is from China There was no God during here upbringing; but she is now a very devout believer in God, with no conditions for good times and bad.

Neither my mother nor my father forced me to be a Christian. I am a Christian not because of my parents are Christian, but because I believe in what the bible teaches. If I wanted to I could have been an Atheist but I just love Christ and I need him in my every day life. I have never heard that my parent or other told me " You must be a Christian". Till today I never tell or convert no one to become a Christian nor tell no one you are bad because you are not Christian. But, I will praise the God forever!

As I said before A true Christian mean....if you care someone, pray for them. The rest I believe in that "God will take care of it". If someone ask me why I love Christ...I can tell you why.

Last thing let me share you this..................

No God, No Potatoes

It's been said that in the former Soviet Union the peasant farmers often enjoyed telling humorous story to lighten their dreary lives.

It seem s that one day a government official came to a farmer and inquired about the year's potato crop. "Oh, it was wonderful," the farmer replied slyly. "it was so big it reached up to the very foot of God"

The commissar's countenance quickly changed. With a scowl, he said " But comrade, this is a communist state and we are atheists, you mist not forget, there is no God!"

"Ah That's my point,," The Farmer replied .."No God, No Potatoes!"

I love God the same as before my illness, but with my Liver Cancer controlled,beside the love I have for God, I firmly believe that God has a reason for me to live, not because I am special, but I am one of his children. I never failed in my belief when I lost my mum and and later my sister to the same disease. I am just so thankful that I had my God to walk with me those very painful days.

I need Jesus.