Monday, February 23, 2009


Wake up early this morning! Had my breakfast and headed to the hospital because need to check my immune level. Was good 86.5!!! after more than 2 years of liver transplant, the doctor said it is ok. Good new, I need to reduce my Euthyrox to .50 ml . Got my HBIG on my butt. Next appointment is April 10th.

I know the Oscar was going on so I rush back to home because I really wish to see that Sean Penn win the best Actor. Yesssssssssssssss! He did win. I am so happy for him. I watched the movie and I like it alot. He is a real good actor! I love hollywood.

Slungdog is OK, over all the story is abit Asian but the Director did a good job. Angelia looks so gorgeous! I love her nude makeup with huge Emerald Earring and matching ring!!

Not much news for to blog. Have a great day!!

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