Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Menu From Helen

Happy Valentine Day! and thank you to my friends who wishing me through my phone, my email and my facebook. I want to say on my blog, "Same to you"!!!! Oh........ I am such a Romantic person so I would like to suggest a wonderful, unforgettable and a surprise dinner party menu for tonight!

My husband who is very careful in finance, bought me a bouquet of roses yesterday. ( as you buy today the follower are double expensive, good thought?)... Anyway I accepted it with the laughing face which is full of meaning behind that face!

I am a little sick so I might end up soup at home tonight.

How about the whole pig Roasted? I had seen this
dish in China. When I was living in Hong Kong, I did go to China many many trips to see just this kind of
I think this is a chicken guts balls grill! Honestly
I might run out of this
lovely dinner table!
I do not know what she is eating
but look like She is happy and the food is very happy too!

OK..people said if you eat Seahorses grill it will make you
live longer and stronger!
Look like very dead Seahorses aren't they? So shrinked into my middle finger side!

This is a ladybirds with coconut soup. Woooo,
I will pass this dish .

I honestly tell you and believe in me that Pig Ear's salad is not bad at all. Just make it sure that ears is well clean and well done.
I taste it before and good!!
Presentation here is not that wonderful but it is a good one. I Strongly suggested to you to try when you are in Bangkok!

OK..Here I will do the talking. Do not say "never" to try above kinds of food. I am so thankful that you and I have a choice what ever we want to eat. But please please think about majority of Burmese People. I just talked with my step brother who lives in my Rangoon apartment said there are lots of people in Burma are very suffering.

My step brother who never bother me but last phone called he was crying and said "I am getting mentally broking down." He said that because very very difficult to find a job and food are very way high cost. I cried with him. Thing are getting tough there.
I am still very thankful..Do you know why? My brother is not living in war zone, he is not sick, he is with his family.

On this Valentine day, my prayer are to those who can't celebrate Valentine day but focusing on their daily life.

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