Monday, February 9, 2009

Albert Einstein II

In my last "Albert Einstein" blog, In the conversation the student who turn out to be Albert Einstein said the word "God". When he said the "God"...honestly I do not know which God he proffered to. I know he was born Jew but later people said he was Pantheist.....and others said He believed in Natural Power or Super Power!!

My point is when I blog that "Albert Einstein"..I am not interesting his famous name. I respect what he had done to human. As I am a Christian, I do not mislead to other become Christian by my last blog. Then why I blog it??? I blog it because I love the conversation. I do not care the conversation was taking part between who ever will be but I will still like the conversation.
I blog it because I love the "Conversation".

This is what I believe..... no matter how much I share my blessing, my faith or my preaching , the bottom line is between "God and you". It very much depend on your faith, your work, your believing and your prayers, not mine!!

Remember...To earn the money, you have to work! I do not care even the free money from the Parents, you still need to work to manage that free money.

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Helen said...

By someone help, I found out that the conversaiton between the two, one of them are not Albert Einstein. I am sorry about that but... I am still do like the conversation very very much. Beside the wrong informatin that I got, I love the "Conversation"!!!