Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Mouth

In Bible, I had read about "The Mouth" or "The Tongue". It said your tongue is one of the very important parts of your body and also very dangerous. If you know how to use it the result will be phenomenon or wonderful. The other way........ if you do not know how to use it you might got spit at your face or more, may be a punch!!!

Last month, I use my mouth very badly without thinking.

In Thailand, I go all over to deal with my hair cut, shampoo, treatment...tra la la la la. There are 2 shops that I regularly go. One is near by my house and the other one is in Soi Thonglo, Sukhunvit. The owner of the one in Soi Thonglo, her name is Mai. She is about late 40 but good looking with good figure. I like her because she is very talkative and friendly.

Last month I went to Emporium Mall. I saw Mai while I was checking out the dresses at ZARA clothing line. She said, " Hi Helen shopping??." I said, "Yes!! you not working today?"... At the right moment there is a little fat girl with a very bad hair cut with horrible hair light passing by me and Mai. She looked like almost a rat bitten all over her hair. As Mai, she is my hair dresser I told her.."Hey Mai look at her... what a horrible hair cut..Don't you turn me into like that." With her sweet voice she replied " Helen, some people like that way. It's model style. I did her hair. She came shopping with me!!!!!"

I felt so bad that I do not want to go her shop anymore.

The girl's hair style is more or less like in this photo but instead of hair down, you imagine with the hair stick out all over with heavily high light colour! Like almost Blondie!!!
The face is more or less look like the girl also.

Today I went to Mai's shop after my Tennis. I talk to myself that "Hope she did not hate me! If there is a bad cut, I deserve it too."
Now I feel good. I did it as my way and my gesture of saying "Sorry!!" to her. I pretended that the accident never happened!!

Now on I will watch my mouth very carefully because every one is not my husband nor no one love me as my husband love me also!!

Thank you Mai for not angry at me! You are better person than me!!

I learn my lesson.

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