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Very cute New York gay couple! If Isee them seperately, I will never doubt that they are gay. Too handsome to be a gay!
I do not know so much about "Gays and Lesbian" but I am curious about Gays and Lesbians..mostly are they by gene or by choice??? I have been trying to search about this for Oh!..... the last 2 years on and off.

There are some that I am very curious about and asking around too! Surprisingly some questions that I asked, no one can't answer me for sure! Most of them are guessing. The answer always start with..."I guess......................!!"

Here are some that I am very curious...

1. Why the planets are so unitly form??

2. Why so many people on this earth (population??) but the DNA plays in perfect and different way in each person???

3. Where is this Oxygen come from and how come just around only on earth and on top of that why in certain level??

4. Why beside men and women, also Gays and Lesbian and bisexual.

See I have my own curiosity but not on the top of my priority. Only when too much time to kill..may be!

I have some Gays friends in Bangkok. Some are very good friends to me. They are very educated and successful business men but gays. I like to lunch with them, conversation with them and................. they are fun and not fuss!! We women (including me) fuss about every things.

I searched and found so many topic about being gays and lesbians. Some said by gene and some said by choice. I found soooooooo many pages, I can't read them all but interesting though!

Basically I can say we have 6 kinds of human being. They, women, gays, lesbians and homosexual. The last very special one is a person who born with 2 kind of private parts....OK educated way of saying "2 kinds of genetiles"????. I had read that 1.51% of American are gays and 10 % of the world are gays. I would say not so many yet! Reproduction?

My way of making friends are....I do not pick on colour, education, wealth or age. I do have various friends. I mostly do care about people who is full of sense of humour..that's kind of people I like to be with.

I am sure there are good gays and bad gays, good lesbians and bad lesbian. I won't judge. Me, myself I do have my own ideas but won't judge on other's. I do have my good side and bad side too. The judgment is only belong to "God". And also I fully understand that there are earthly laws and regulations which is differences in each country, state and city! One thing I also know that we must obey the laws. You break it you pay for the consequences. If you want your own way then you might need to find "NO MEN LAND" or North Pole well...I believe that even in north pole, it has own laws and regulations.

I found the following news which I think interesting!!

Enjoy your life and be thankful for each new day.!!!!!!

Gay has become the new black

Palm Beach Post Deputy Editor of the Editorial Page
Saturday, November 08, 2008
The conclusion from Tuesday's election results is that Americans are for heterosexual sex, but not too much of it.

In Florida, 62 percent of voters approved Amendment 2, which makes absolutely clear that Floridians want nothing to do with homosexual sex. Technically, the amendment bans homosexual marriage, but, trust me, it's the thought of homosexual sex that turned off so many people. They believe that it's sinful or icky or both. And, somehow, that makes people believe that it's any of their business what consenting adults do in private.

Floridians have such an aversion to homosexual unions that the ban won a majority in every county except Monroe, home to kinky Key West.
But don't get the idea that Floridians therefore will give full approval to lusty candidates even if the conjoining is safely hetero. U.S. Rep. Tim Mahoney, D-Palm Beach Gardens, got bounced because of revelations that he had "multiple extramarital affairs."

Trends in California are about the same as in Florida. There, voters passed a constitutional same-sex marriage ban 52.5''percent to 47.5 percent. Unlike in Florida, where same-sex marriages were illegal by statute even before voters approved the anti-gay marriage amendment, in California a Supreme Court ruling had rendered gay marriage legal and about 18,000 gay marriages had been performed.

As with Florida, it would be a mistake to conclude that the ban on gay marriage means that Californians are all right with all kinds of heterosexual sex. A proposal that essentially would have legalized prostitution in San Francisco - one of the most liberal enclaves on the planet - was soundly defeated.
Even advocates of legalized prostitution had problems with the San Francisco measure because, rather than set up a carefully regulated sex trade, it would have banned police from expending resources to investigate or prosecute prostitution. That approach invites abuse.

I have no quarrel with voters who turned out Tim Mahoney. Since he ran as a "family values" candidate to defeat Mark Foley two years ago, his constituents have the right to feel that he cheated on them as well as on his wife. Voters have every right to hold their representatives accountable for personal behavior.
That's completely different from what voters did to gay Americans who wish to be married. Voters took an office from Tim Mahoney. Voters took rights away from gay Americans.

To justify the assault on the rights of fellow Americans, supporters of anti-gay marriage amendments say they're necessary to "protect marriage." But gay marriage isn't a threat to heterosexual marriage. Extramarital affairs are. Prostitution can be. Gay marriage isn't.

There isn't a single way that legal marriage between a man and a man or a woman and a woman could be a threat to legal marriage between a man and a woman. Could a man leave his wife for another man? Sure, just as he could leave his wife for another woman. Happens all the time, but nobody has (yet) tried to pass a constitutional amendment banning trophy wives.
We know from the horrific murder-suicide in Boynton Beach of Jessica Kalish and Carol Anne Burger - who before splitting had been married in Massachusetts - that violence can afflict gay relationships. But that's just another way gay marriage is like heterosexual marriage.

What is being banned when homosexual marriages are outlawed? Legal unions between adults who commit to love and support each other. Such commitment is wrong ... how?

On the same day that America elected a black man president, voters in Florida, California and elsewhere proved that gay is the new black. Ironically, polls show minorities strongly oppose gay marriage. Eventually, voters will be enlightened in this area as well. Gay marriage isn't immoral, but banning it is.

Jac Wilder VerSteeg is deputy editorial page editor of The Palm Beach Post. His e-mail address is

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John Bartosek, Editor, The Palm Beach Post.

By OnePissedOffBlackwoman
Nov 18, 2008 9:39 PM Link to this
I am sick and tired of White folks using Black People as an excuse for their perversed conduct. Instead of Gay has become the new black, why not say that Gay has become the new white. Whites are the ones who started the gay lifestyle in this country of North America, and bestowed it by wrapping this lifestyle into Black Peoples suffering. Now you want to make it law and acceptable, by using The Black Nation as the culprit. It is bad enough being Black in a White mans world, and trying to survive in it as honestly as possible, as a Black woman, without our Black men to help support us. Why add more of a curse to the Black Nation who is the chosen minority and has been kept under White Rule Policies for so long. I suggest that the title of this book be changed immediately to "Gay has become the new white" leave The Black Nation out of your perversed agenda. This is adding more insult and injury to the Black Nation. Think before you decide to use "The Civil Rights Movement" that was meant for "The National Plan to Empower Black America" Stop jumping on our policies that were planned to improve and enrich our lives. If not this could lead into another riot.... Think and think again if you care about others. Thank you.