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By now everyone knows who is Dr. Thaksin is! He is former Thailand Prime Minister. I got the following email from my friend and I love to blog along with my pure Helen's View!

Thaksin Shinawatra

Rite seeks to absolve Thaksin of 'past life bad karma'
By The NationPublished on February 18, 2009

Ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra's supporters held a rite at a Chiang Mai temple yesterday aimed at correcting "his sins in the past life" that were believed to have resulted in his bad karma.

Helen's View: I want to talk about saying "His sins in the past life" (BTY who can see some one's past life sins???).. I am not sure I was a sinner in my past life or not but I am a white siner (more or less likes, white lier??), in this recent life. OK.... put it this way, I am still a white lier, I told Robins that I am broke and no money!! ( I do have money so I call it this, a little white lie!! I know, I know ok this is not good). Who can see my white sins (or if I am sinning), beside God and myself?? Ok I am working on my white lie to NO LIE though! That's why I dare not to judge to no one beside my view or my opinion which is not always turn out to be true!!

The rite, a combination of animism, voodoo and Buddhism, was performed by the abbot of Wat Umong and eight other monks, as well as a pro-Thaksin trance medium. It was presided over by General Chaisit Shinawatra, Thaksin's cousin and former supreme commander of the armed forces.

Helen's View: I honestly tell you here that I do not know animism but I know what is Voodoo and Buddhism.

Here is the voodoo that I understand..... an African religion which believes in seven gods and uses spells and conjuring for personal gain or to hurt others.

When I was young this is what we were talking about voodoo in Collage with half brain of us. I was told that You can voodoo a man from who hate you so much into fall in love with you crazily!! Good voodoo ha? or Get a doll and poke with the needle with real hard (may be with hatefully), saying this doll is represents that the one you strongly dislike or buried the doll six foot under!! What a crazy talk ha? How foolish we are!! Well those day we do not have computer so may be this is the way young people talk? I haven't heard about voodoo for a long long time. I do not believe in voodoo.

PS... I got my Robins not by voodoo. I got him by my beauty, my talent and my views! (Well.... this is what I think at least!).

His supporters expected the Lanna-style ceremony to help relieve Thaksin of bad luck and ward off evil coming his way. About 300 people took part in the rite.

Helen's View: "Bad Luck"...Ok who can be good luck all the time in this world. Name me one! I would say very very very lucky to this person.

A large framed photo of Thaksin was placed on a stand at the venue. The fugitive ex-leader was unable to attend as he has fled abroad and lives in self-imposed exile.

A woman in her 50s, who is from the pro-Thaksin Rak Chiang Mai 51 group, acted as a trance medium.

She announced that in his previous life, Thaksin was a local warrior king who committed sins by killing his Burmese enemies and taking their money and Buddha images. The sins were said to be having a negative effects on Thaksin in his current life.

Helen's View: I would say Thaksin is very Lucky boy. See his past life was Warrior King not the little police. Then he turned out to be a Prime Minister in this life. Some one can be so bad luck that past life was a human being and this life can be a little bat or rat in the cave!!! Compare to this rat, he is still doing very good for this life.

Ok the Warrior King means you suppose to fight!! fight mean to kill the enemies sometime right?? This was his past life job, wasn't it?? Now, see as the new said Thaksin was sin by "Killing His Burmese Enemies"...Well thanks goodness he killed his enemies and not killing everyone who passed by him. I do not say my view is right but it does confuse me alot.

Offerings in the forms of coins, meat, rice, liquor and fruit were ceremoniously presented to an ancient Burmese king, before a Buddha statue.
Thaksin's supporters also included the naming of his political enemies - coup leader General Sonthi Boonyaratglin and People's Alliance for Democracy co-leader Sondhi Limthongkul - in the superstitious rite. It was supposed that the evil warded off from the former premier would be directed at them instead.

Chaisit, Thaksin's cousin, rejected a report that Thaksin "needed" the rite because he was ill. He said the rite was in fact aimed at "clearing off all the past sins" for Thaksin.

My conclusion: You know like it or not I will say that Not the only Dr. Thaksins need to clearing off all his past sins, We do should clean our past or this life sins. This will make all of us happy and more smily faces!!

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