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Hey Girls......... I am not Menopause yet but good to learn for the future. I get some Health News that I read most of the morning and this is the one I like it for today news. Does men have a Menopause too?? This is going to be my next research.

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Some natural menopause women without make up and pretending!

Menopause and Weight Loss - Natural Remedies

For many women, menopause is a difficult period of transition between the years of the age. Menopause occurs naturally when the decrease in female hormones and the body of the woman no longer cause egg follicles mature each month in preparation for the pregnancy. Menopause is considered complete, one year after a woman from the last menstrual period.

The symptoms of menopause

Unfortunately, menopause can be difficult for some women because their symptoms often unpleasant. This may be in hot flashes, insomnia, night sweats, mood swings, vaginal dryness, loss of interest in sex, and irritability. Unexpected weight gain is a frequent consequence of menopause.

Why women gain weight during menopause

Sometimes the women, the weight during the menopause are no changes in their eating habits or exercise routine. That can be frustrating, incentives for women to ask, what does this sudden weight gain. Other times, the weight gain is the result of a hormonal trigger obesity. Another cause of weight gain is the slowing of metabolism that are associated with age. This means slowing down the metabolism of excess calories, or an unbalanced diet affects most women after menopause.Body fat and estrogen also have a complementary role. Body fat to help regulate the production of estrogen, the female hormones declines dramatically during the menopausal years. Sometimes, the fight to the fat in an effort to stabilize the estrogen. Hormones and body fat in conjunction with others in difficult situations is that the weight of the changes affect the appetite, digestion and metabolism.

Natural Menopause Remedies

Instead of focusing on the prescription of hormone therapy, so the risk of breast cancer and reproduction, there are a number of natural remedies are always more women in the fight against weight gain and d other symptoms of menopause. Some of these remedies include black cohosh black and sage, to regulate the hot flashes, Chasteberry, bad mood and a general inequality hormonal Evening primrose oil, often for the relief of PMS during the perimenopause and control bad mood in women after menopause, and St. John's word, a natural sedative and anti-stress alleviator.Although these solutions are beneficial for many women, they do not work in a vacuum. Many women make the mistake to think that these resources do not prevent the weight gain and other symptoms of menopause on your own. The truth is the best thing you can do to prevent or reverse weight gain in menopause is a healthy diet and exercise.

The selection of healthy lifestyle during the menopause

The regulation of natural hormone balance eat nutrients that whole foods diet is a much more efficient than plant-based remedies. If plant-based remedies can help, food and a good plan for the perception that many women in a healthy way of life, and lead to relief of symptoms, without the money on these supplements and herbal preparations.

Eating nutritious diet to avoid bad fats, and eat the heart instead of good fats in moderation. Whole grains, fruits and vegetables should be the bulk of the food, the lean protein and dairy products (or non-dairy products contain calcium). Avoid alcohol food, feed flavored, caffeine and strengthen your case, the symptoms of menopause, and of course to avoid fried or fatty foods, lots of sugar and junk in general.

Add eight glasses of water per day and about half an hour for the exercise of the greatest number of days per week as possible, and you could be on the road to weight loss, also problems with the hormonal menopause. You can also result in an improvement in other symptoms of menopause as a healthy diet and exercise program to stabilize the hormone levels.

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