Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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Daily glass of wine may increase cancer riskMinneapolis Star Tribune - Minneapolis,MN,USA... grams of alcohol a day on average -- the equivalent of about one drink -- the risk for cancer of the breast, liver and rectum was elevated, they found. ...See all stories on this topic

More evidence links alcohol, cancer in - Madison,WI,USAUniversity of Oxford researchers say each extra drink per day increased the risk of breast, rectal and liver cancer. The type of alcohol -- wine, ...See all stories on this topic

Booze and Breast CancerNBC Chicago - Chicago,IL,USAAnd each additional drink increased the risk of breast cancer, mouth cancer, throat cancer and liver cancer, according to the researchers at Oxford ...See all stories on this topic

Possible Prostate Cancer Marker FoundNational Cancer Institute - NCI Cancer Bulletin - Bethesda,MD,USAA new study by NCI researchers offers both good and bad news about the most common form of liver cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). ...See all stories on this topic

Onyx Pharma Gleaming - Chicago,IL,USAAccording to management from the conference call, growth was mainly due to the label expansion into liver cancer indication. In spite of heavy competition ...See all stories on this topic

Even low to moderate alcohol consumption increases risk for cancerTheHeart.Org - New York,NY,USAAllen explained that when her group examined these cases further, they found that the nondrinkers had a 40% increase in risk for liver cancer and esophageal ...See all stories on this topic

ABC NewsAs Seen on TV: Drinking Alcohol and CancerABC News - USA... liver, rectal and esophageal cancers. Women who have just three to six drinks a week have a 2 percent greater risk of cancer; women who have seven to 14 ...See all stories on this topic

A large glass of wine a day raises cancer risk by a quarter, women ...Daily Mail - UKDr Allen said one extra unit put up the risk of breast cancer by 12 per cent, rectal cancer by 10 per cent, liver cancer by 24 per cent, mouth and throat ...See all stories on this topic

Alcohol increases risk of cancer for women: - Don Mills,Ontario,CanadaEven one drink a day increases the risk of several common cancers, including breast, rectum and liver cancer. The risk increases for every additional drink, ...See all stories on this topic

Alcohol Linked to Cancer Risk in WomenWebMD - USABut compared to teetotalers, these women had a higher overall cancer risk, especially for cancers of the breast, liver, rectum, mouth, throat, and esophagus ...See all stories on this topic

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Just a little alcohol a day boosts cancer risk for women « CervantesBy abluteau ... each day – it increases a woman’s risk not just of developing breast cancer, which has been well established already, but also cancer of the liver, cancer of the rectum and in smokers cancer of the mouth and throat,” she says. ...Cervantes -

The thyroid gland cancer pathology changes · Disease Information ...By admin Sow to spread although the path can be transfered by lymph, mainly is transfer lung, bone and liver through a blood.Some cancers that filter bubble-like in shape gland can be separated to just receive a reply hair for a long time very ...Disease Information Center -

Cancer Research UK : One or two drinks a day increase the risk of ...Dr Naomi Allen, lead study author, said: "These findings suggest that even relatively low levels of drinking – about one or two alcoholic drinks every day – increase a woman’s risk of developing cancer of the breast, liver and rectum, ...Cancer Research UK - Cancer news -

Anti-cancer gene discovered BreakThrough Digest Medical NewsBy admin Almost all cells in an adult human skin cells, liver cells, eye lens cells, nerve cells, insulin-producing cells etc are highly specialized to perform a specific function. They are no longer capable of taking on another ...BreakThrough Digest Medical News - Inasmuch Prayer and Praise RoomBy (Inasmuch... (4) Please pray for Freddie's sister, Carol, who has liver cancer and is told nothing further can be done. Carol is not saved. Freddie learned she is not doing well and is trying to get a flight go see her today. ...inJesus :: Kathie Walters ::... -

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Helen said...

On this blog, I got some emails with different responses! I won't blog them on nor disscuss on it..because I am not a researchers nor doctor.

This is what I believe on drinking and health..... I got my new liver and I won't drink!! I know that liver do not like dinking either!

A comment I found said "..Wowwww, hope later years they do not say that master bathing is bad!!!"

Well...What can I say!!