Monday, February 16, 2009


I won't compare my life to Obama! There is nothing to compare ... He is the President Of United State and I am just Robins's wife! See the point??? So..... I won't compare but I taste my life from impossible to possible too.

I was born in Shan State, Burma. My parent understand that education is very important as guiding by some foreign mission people living in Shan State. I got into one of the best high school in Rangoon, Saint Augustin, then got my bachelor of Science from Rangoon University. After that got my French Diploma from Foreign Language Institute then Accredited Gemologist from Bangkok!! At the end I got married into a Successful Business Man from the State.

The time when my friends were crazy to go out from Burma, I was very happy working at the US Embassy in Burma. When my friends were getting married, I was happy working in Hong Kong/Macao. For me to go to the State is never in my dream because I have no money. Now I have money by marrying!! Ha, life is possible!.. Now I see Not only America but also many countries, Life is possible.

Before I know only few friends in Burma I know so much friends such as... hospital bus driver, shop keepers, brokers, bankers, doctors, ex-President, Prime Minister, Princess, Rev., Nuns, Pastor, Scientist, Producer, Rocker, Mayor, Governor...Life impossible in Possible!

I am counting my blessing. Deep down in my heart I know that where this blessing come from. I can't answer everything but one thing..I can answer for myself!

Life can be possible for you and me! Bottom line if you are honest and not lazy!!!

Nothing is impossible in life

OBAMA PIC ------1987
21 yrs back in his grandma's place..

From one of the poorest family's chair to the most powerful chair in the world………….!

Congratulation to Our President,
Mr. Obama


M said...

Still be glad to read about you and your life, you are funny and smart!


Helen said...

I blog your comment on!

Thanks M!