Thursday, August 13, 2009

Various Occasions

I am back to Bangkok, Thailand! The Holiday was good and so does my health. God has mercy on me!! Thank you to my God...I really do. For me "God is good, God is grace thank you for everything." Amen.

Let me share with you some of my .................. OK, say what did I do and see during my holiday!

The plane took off on time in every cities that I boarded on. The flight between Narita and Bangkok ( I love all the planes because my seat are all flat and can sleep well), around Hong Kong was a bit rocking and rolling but I was well behaved because of my Activan. (I do not think flying is fun at all). I took half of my happy pill (of course doctor's approved), and slept almost 3 hours. Before I went to bed I was watching a documentary about Dr. Chris O'Brien (Hope my spelling is correct), in the plane's TV news. He was a very famous Head Surgeon from Australia. A man with so many recognizing events. He treated many brain tumors patients but unfortunately he was diagnosed with multi brain tumors himself. He become his own doctor! He wrote a book call "Never Say Die"!! ( Robins is ordered the book for me and Dr. Newman will bring it in 2 weeks).

In one of his interview he said..."When you got sick go to sicence and asked permittion from GOD." How true!! I always doctors can treat me out of their best also to all the patients but God does the healing and God has the last calls.......always!! He survived 3 years from many brain tumors and just passed away last June.

I do not know him in person but this is my wish to him.....Dr. Chris, may you rest in peace!! "We"....all will join you when the time is right by our Almighty's eyes.

I visited Princess VV in McClain. We had very good time. She is a very very nice lady and one of the very rare ladies who takes me the way as I am. One day I told her, "P. Yin I would like to cut my hair!!" She did called a man who is working at the Tyson Mall, (he doesn't do the house call cut but to the Princess he does). I got a house call hair!! I do not remember the man name but I found out he was a Kidney Transplant Receivepent!!

Immediately I felt a feeling that I do not know how to write it down. I feel like I knew this man for a long time. I told him..."Do we passed the same story of our earthly life!!" He said..."Yes!!" . A Kidney transplant patient cutted the hair of Liver transplant patient!! He is 6 years surviving from Kidney Transplant. He is not a rich man but got the best treatment from America!! Thank you very much America. In his own country he might be well dead for a long time as same as I am. This is what he said.."I will be never rich person but I am not regret because I am living. I am living each day at a time too!!".

Well I am getting sleeping now. I will blog on others ta ta ta ta and bla bla bla stories on next blogs. Love you all!!

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