Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hello all

Hello dear all my readers,

Me and my family are in Fl. for summer break back home + with my 6 months check up. I got all the green light for my health.

Even with my shaking faith (mostly scare), by the mercy of my God, I am doing very well. After 3 years most of my doctors are happy with the results. Ofcourse for me is on top of the world!!

While I was taking infusion same time I was reading Patient Resource magazine. An article by Dick Hathaway who survived from chronic myelogenous leukemia said...."When I learned I have leukemia, I went home and told my wife, and we knelt down and turned it over to God"....."From that moment on, I considered it a win/win situation-I was either going to go to paradise and be better off than I am here, or I was going to stay on earth and be with my family and loved ones."

In the magazine, Senior Newsman Sam Donaldson who survived from Melanoma said.."We are fortunate-those of us who survive-knowing that so many people are not. I have not had any recurrence and I go every year and get a scan, and I do not have any foreboding about going. This gave me a far better appreciation of people who are ill and who have disease like cancer and the hardships they go through." Sam was diagnosed at the age of 61 with stage III cancer in 1995. He is still living.

Most all of us who cancer survivors are very blessed. To fight this very ugly cancer, not only we need the money but also we need loving, caring, understanding, kindness most of all miracle which I was praying the day I got told that I had cancer. We all counting the blessing different ways. Some time people who do not feel the same feeling as we have or had (as cancer survivors), thought we are different or crazy or over talk or too much talking about "God". People think we forget about science. For me Science is part of creation. Mostly come from people with brains who God puts into their head.

Well I only can say...hope you never face this ugly cancer which will changed your faith, your relationship, your material in good way or bad way.

Meantime enjoy and be thankful!!

Will be back to Bangkok, Thailand very very soon!!

Love you all and thank you very very much for praying for me.

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