Friday, June 26, 2009


Always wake up at 6 pm as my body is adjust to it and to have breakfast with Robins and Shan. I did say a prayer that thankful for seeing another day. Took my thyroid pill then I noticed that my phone was red alert blinking. I opened it... I saw the breaking news about Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett had died.

Beyond shocking, my tears rolled!! None of my business to critic how or the way they lived in their lives, I just admired how they contributed to our public entertainment....not only in USA but to around the world! Lots of people did not have that kind of talents.

Michael was tags with.....Buzzard, complicated, wired, stranged, talented, gifted, the worst was a Child molester!! We seen to forget that we, ourself are not perfect. We did have that a mouth just loose it out often. I admitted that I can be the owner of one of the loosing mouths too.

I have my own memory of Michael. I love dancing. I remembered the time that my last year of university (I called it my last year of happy time), was almost over. I used to go with my friend who own the movie studio in Burma. We all used to go and dance there for 3 hours in day time!! Guess what??? Of course with Michael Jackson's Thriller!!!

In Burma we can't dance in own house. It's controlled or controlling by the authority. They can put you into jail for dancing. So.... my dancing place were American Club, British Club, Movie Studio or my friends's houses who fathers are way high position in military!!

One of my favourite songs of Michael is "We are the world"... This song leads me to meet "Robins" and "Smith" (My British puppy love). Just fresh out from the collage right a way with my first job at the UNDP project. I was happy to get a job with foreigner boss because it was a good paied compare to local job.

One night we did have this fund raiser at the UNICEF compound. Michael Jackson's " We are the world" was a main song to celebrate. Hope I remembered well.... I think it was for Africa's Famine.

The funny parts is..I did not speak very well English at all but my both jobs before marry to Robins were full of American bosses. At that time I spoke only 35% of English, my English was real bad..well my boss was good enough to know how to handle with my very broken English. Thank you Mr. Campbell and Mr. Ferdinburg for taking me the way as I was!!

My languages born with like this.... first Shan, lahu, Kaw, Burmese, English, then French, Cantonese, Mandarin (only 65%), Spanish (10 years experience) and now the Thai (70% still sometime mixing with Shan)!!

Back to my Burma years....... the broken English leaded me to meet Farrah Fawcett on TV!! I realized that for me to speak more English I must watch lots of American TV series. Oh...I love her, I thought she has the most good looking set of teeth and hair. I remember that in front of mirror, I opened my mouth wide and brushed my teeth for 3 minutes long... sometime more!!

Now they both gone. I can't say anything more beside I will say...


I do not know them in person but thank you to you both for being a part of my life!! May the good God be with you.

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