Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flu Bugs

The blue rounded one is the swine flu bug!
All are differences of flu-bugs.

I think I am going to have my PhD. degree from the "Google University" soon! My Professor name is "Mr. Computer"!! The Biology that I learned from Rangoon University is nothing, Google University can tell me more information than anywhere...Aha!

At lunch time my cook said ..." Khun Helen, News said more than 1000 swineflu cases in Thailand". My friends who are visiting in Bangkok said " A lady is in serious case of the pigflu". Then the air crews was grounded for 7 days as they came home with a sick woman in the plane. No surprise!!

We all living with all those good bugs, bad bugs around us. Our body is full of those bugs! As a liver transplant patient, I am taking immune suppressor the rest of my life...till I die!! The bugs love people kind of like me who are not so many immune systems. By the blessing......people around me actually 4 people that I knew are now taking antibiotic and sick with ...What??? Here...till today I am doing OK.

Swine flu comes from piggy, Bird flu comes from Chicken, SARS comes from Mongoose, HIV from the blood of wild monkey, malaria from mosquitoes....more over rats, snails, cats and dogs can give us many disease. Most of the animal are the agents of the disease including human being. Can't remembered who said that it said..
"Nuke are dangerous so does the epidemic disease, they are equal"!!

According to "Rise of the bugs", by Lily Huang said..."At this moment, the planet contains and estimated 1,415 pathogens, or disease agents, the we know about:217 viruses, 307 fungi, 538 bacteria, 6 protozoa and 287 types of worms." How can we kill all these bad bugs?? One day, we all will be "No Way Out" from all these bad bugs???....and finally die!!

Talking about worms...I haven't de-warms for a long time. I will talk about this to my GI when I get in Gainesville. Living in different places, as I do not cook well and live with the cook and I eat every thing I want, ... time for me to kill my belly's warms. Hate to say that but I do not want to be the agent of worms...euuuuuuuuuu, I hate to think about this. Robins loves to kill the belly's warms but I am not. Shan hates it too.

I am going to get in long flight soon. I am concerned about the damn pig flu but I can't live fear of that bad pig!! I will cover my mouth and clean my hands...will see!!

Take care you all. Don't let this pig bothering you!!!


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