Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Views on Current World News

Note: Please do not take seriously on my views!!

On Iran: I am so happy to see that there are many Iranians who love the real meaning of Democracy! I wish good people from Burma and Iran will join together and form another... a new country. The question is where on the earth has vacancy to form a new country call: BURAN!! (Remember not Burain ok).

Now the leaders?? How about Suu Kyi runs the country for 6 months and Mousavi runs the rest of 6 months and rotating??
I know good people can live together happily ever after....always!!

View on Ahmadinejad: If I am in his shoes I will be very shameful that knowing the feeling of "so many hates me". His government is accusing USA saying... America's influence on Iran up raise!! There you go again.....quick way to fit the problem right?

On France: I have no idea or how to view on the French President's said... "No more Burka in France"!! I have no political view on it but I do have medical view on that. I am talking about how good to have "Vitamin D"... which is now researches are saying it is very important to have Vitamin D. My question is how could the ladies have it with many clothes??

Our world is full of contrasts. Here some women are taking sun bathing with naked at the same time here some women are covered all over including their toes!!

On Burma: I can say only this....As Newsweek, dated on June 22, 2009, by Lennox Samuels and F. De Burgo-Naughton said... "(Yettaw), A troubled dreamer who lives down two miles of gravel road in Missouri's backwoods and didn't have a passport until last spring..... who said he had seen himself as a man sent by God to protect the life of beloved foreign leader."............... If God needs another Moses for the Burmese, definitely not you Yattaw because my God does not have failing plans!!

Crazy?? I don't know but because of this idiot man it will screw up my lady's future!!

I understand this man, Yettaw has been married for 4 times, also no brain man who is not thinking that even OBAMA can't helps so what in the world that he thinks he can help SUU KYI?? His excuse is "God told him to do so..." Yeah..right! I hope now he knows that if this was God's plan there will not be the part of "He got caught!!"

A rumor is coming out saying...Yettaw is Suu Kyi's boy friend! Oh please stop that. Seeing the lady's passed Husband I know her type of man not that Yettaw.

On America: Celebrating on 40 years of walked on the Moon!! Folk since 40 years ago we know there is no aliens on the moon. Those people who believe in that there might be another kind of wired creature who are staying way way out there please....If I am you I will stop thinking about aliens and will be concentrating on "do the good things"!!

On Russia: The Russian are now calling "the New World Currency" so does The Central American Nations Agree on New Currency. The Russian said China will lead this New Currency Programme. I have one question though.."Whos picture will be on the money"???
Chairman Mao or Lennon?? or Side by side? If more countries joined, should I need to see all those dead old heroes (for them), printed on the money? Waite... will there be a huge, big size of note come out?? Hope they make sure before they talk!!

When the Euro comes into the picture, the England said "NO" to them and the "pound" is still doing OK by itself. I am waiting the day China+Russian new currency will come into the world. Indeed our world are changing into a new direction. Good or bad...time will tell us.

On Thailand: We are now living in harmony again. No more red, yellow for the moment but the pig flu is taking the headline new! My friend air stewardess called me and said ... the whole crew are on one week no flying as they were coming back with a sick woman on the plane to Bangkok. Waite and see there will be a "Dog Flu" is coming soon!! You never know!

These are my views on our world. If you have any please feel free to share. Bye now!!


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