Monday, June 1, 2009

Garra Rufa-the Suckers

This is Fish Foot Massage?
This two girls like the Rufa suck them
everywhere! (below)

This man just wants Rufa suck below
his nose!

In Bangkok you can find many many Spa. Actually some of them are very nice, I would say the best one! OK we also have foot massage everywhere by the streets in Bangkok (mostly tourist love it), which is around 250 Bahts (7.5 US$) and also a package value of 16000 Bahts in the 5 stars Hotel at very nice locations. (I do not know how much cost for "Happy Ending" massage..... most men would love to go!!

As you all knows we have different kind of massages. The latest one which I would like to try is Indian Head Massage. People said with full of coconut oil. I don't mind coconut oil but must wash right away after the massage. As long as they do not hit my head with coconut is fine.

Now I just found out that there are new Spa provide with fish massage!! It's a kind of you put your feet in the nicely decorated small water tank with full of Garra Fufa fish!! This is what I would say...... remember when you do the pedicure? You soak your feet in the water and woman will clean with What ever you call them, the tools???.

In this fish massage case, instead of woman helping you...the fish are doing the job for you! The fish will nibbling the dead skin of you feet!! For me, what a manipulating to the poor fish! Well on top of that I am very ticklish so it won't work for me. I just want to say that hope not fall into the fish tank never know what that fish will nibbling for you!!

The advertisement said...The Garra Rufa fish are toothless! That's mean they are not nibbling you at all..... for me the fish are suckling at you! Each tank has about 1000 fish lining up to suck or to nibble all cracked, flaky or scabby skin of you dirty feet.. Euuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! What a way to clean the dead skin...ha!

Fish therapy is the correct thing to say. The owner said you can also enjoy the fish therapy at home. He will deliver the fish tank with one to three seats. Price range from 45000 baht (1285 US$) to 95000 baht (2714 US$) for the home delivery fish massage!!

Forget about the price I do not care but for sure I know I will not be enjoying that 1000 suckers suckling my both feet. I do not like any suckers at all.

Sorry for the Fish Spa but I love Dead Sea Spa....the one I got it in Tel Avis! I love it!!


Elena said...

Now in Thailand, the Rufa Spas are all over but how clean is the question. I just wanted to know that if someone who has skin disease can pass to other?? Yes.. we do not have Spa Control.

Piercingpusher said...

I am in Bangkok right now for buying piercing jewelry for my piercingshop. I have my son with me, and he have a skin-condition.. i would appreciate if somone have the address for the full body fich treatment.

Helen said...

Hi Piercing,
Thanks for the comment! When you say your son has a skin condition right? If I am you I rather go to the skin doctor in the hospital and see what the doctor going to recommend you.

There are places of Rufa fish treatment but which one is the best I have no idea!

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