Monday, June 29, 2009

Pray for the Money

I am getting different kinds of email as the rest of you do. I wonder how they got my email address? I have little information how they got it but I am careful for opening my emails.

When I was recovering from my transplant in Florida, I was getting emails from Nigeria (with many made up stories and from different people), saying..... Robins's cousin had die at very bad accident in Nigeria and who also left money for Robins like 10 million dollars. To claim that I must dept. 10,000$ to do the paper works!! Oh yeah righ.....they even give you bank account with detail information to you!! Are they nuts? Me definitely not!!

Well most of the time I was alone in Gainesville so one day my very good idea popped out. I opened the Nigerian's email. The reason is to get back real good to him. I wrote to a Robins's black cousin's layer (Who even did not know what Robins's skin colour is which is doesn't matter). I replied....."I am forwarding your email whis is a baloney claimed to FBI. Stop your email to me also to everyone right now. The FBI is very good at tracking your kind of bad emails!!"

Surprisingly...after that I did not get such email anymore. It did work!! Not far....then I saw the news the authority tracking down the people who sent out such kind of emails. Some US citizen did a good job.

To FBI was not a joke, I was thinking to talk to the local police and see what they can do for me and to other!!

Beside, here are different emails that I am receiving ...... You got 2 free tickets from Jet Blue airline, We have Viagra (they even do not know that I have no male's part) for you, Would you like to date close by neighbour (by the way I have no pleasure to date my neighbour nor far away), Interesting safe sex, A land is waiting for you, Your bank offers you mega loan, from Belk, Sear, JC Penny telling me about sale (I wonder how could they do that, who give my email to them as I even did not own member cards with them)..... bla bla bla bla!!!

Then I got the following email last night. It said...

"Praise The Lord- G-d Has Answered Your Money Prayers-This Is As Good As Winning The Lotto"

Have Your Money Prayers Answered & Go To Sleep With A Clear Head And Wake Up Everyday In A good Mood! Are you or Someone you Know Drowning in Paying Your Bills? If so, Join the Club!

This email make me think.......Do people pray for money to God?? How people will go to that length (In Businesses) to make money in the name of God? Do we forgetting "thou shall not use God name in vain??"

Yes, we can pray eveything to God it all up to you! To answer or not to answer is all up to the good God. God does knows eveything what we need that's why Christ teachs us to say "Give us our daily bread!!". Daily brad here prefered money?? For me, I think so!Yes..God knows we need money to buy our daily necessary. Nowaday, real free food is difficult to find.

I remembered that the time I was parying for to get a place for my grand ma ma to live as she is older and I concered her travelling. I prayed.."Dear God, please help me to get a place for my grand ma. Guide me to do the right way to get it." Guess what?? It took me 2 years to get it but when I got it, it was perfect timing!!

I bought the house right before my liver surgery which I never thought will happened to me. I got it so in time that I have no need to worry how and where my grand ma will live and eat. (Robins is nice enough to help her daily needs). The huge worry was put a side from me. I felt nothing but just "In God's Time"..perfect, so does how my liver transplant went so well!!

For pray money from God is base on 3 things.

1. Be honest!

2. Be reasonable!

3. The most is, put trust in God! ........You will see the answer. How long? Bad or good answer? For sure.... I can't answer.

Look, to get my son it took me 3 years which I was thinking I won't be a mother. To get a house for my grandma, it took 2 years!! To get my liver it took 2 and a half month.

Why me to face cancer?? It is a good turning point for me to be a better person and knows more about my God! is sad that I did not see clearly about my God before Cancer! This I regreted.

Now my praying to my God is to see my son finish his university! I am praying for it. All up to my God...What ever the answer, Positive or Negative way I still believe.."God knows the best for me!"

Folks......................"God is Good!"

I want to finish this blog with my prayer..

"Dear God,

When the dead parts me from my family please it will be only from you not from other reason because..... everything from you is very good. I love you God. Amen"

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