Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This is from "The Nation" one of Bangkok newspapers, dated on 9th June, 2009.

"What is auto-erotic asphyxiation?

Re: "Carradine's family wants FBI to step in", June 7.
What exactly is this "Auto-erotic asphyiation" that is supposed to have killed David Carradine? The news media have been uncharacteristically coy about this. All they tell us is that Carradine had a rope tied around his neck, his wrist, and his golden dragon. They say that the procedure is supposed to produce unparalleled sexual ecstasy. Aside from this, they tell us nothing.

I want to see a full-length feature article on this, with photos, diagrams, everything. Is this a common practice in Hollywood? Was it perhaps invented by notorious Marquis de Sade? Is there any way in which one can perform the procedure and enjoy unparalleled sexual ecstasy without suffering collateral damage, ie, death?

Further, we need an investigation into claims circulating among the Chinese community that Carradine's death was actually caused by the ghost of Bruce Lee, finally taking revenge for and old insult. Readers may recall that Lee was originally slated to play the role of the half-Chinese, half Caucasian hero Caine in the TV series "Kung Fu," but was rejected because he looked "too Chinese." Never mind that Carradine, who ultimately assumed the role, looked "too Caucasian".

I'd also like to know if Carradine's auto-erotic technique (but without the asphyxiation, please) can be adapted for use by ladies, especially elderly ones.

Constance Beasley (MRS)
Bangkok "

Helen's thought: I think I am the only one would like to know what is Auto-erotic asphyxiation...that's is not true at all! I realized that lots of people like to know what the hell of this, suppose to call "sexual pleasure technique"!!! Anyway this is the talk of the City of Angel, Bangkok!!

Talking about the rumor of "Revenge by Bruce Lee"!! Not his own person but by ghost folks! Come on people, David is dead why wait and see what the authority will revile. OK let's say revenge by Bruce Lee...... But why not by Kung Fu ways instead Sexual way??

The lady also asked a question..."Auto Erotic without asphyxiation can be sued by elderly lady"??? Hello...what a question?? Where can a lady tie up beside her hands, waist and neck! I don't think that it's a good idea to tie your boobies up!!!

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