Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I had been to Honduras

"I can see for an American reporting what happened this weekend in Honduras it looks like a blow to democracy. Well, let me tell any American that democracy in this little country is not what you study in the history books. Zelaya was elected president, much like Obama was in the U.S., but what he has done after that resembles nothing to a real democracy. Contrary to the US, where the people have the power to impeach a President for lying after denying having sexual relations with an intern (true democracy), we have powerful drug lords who pay our president enough money to do whatever he wants. We have a powerful set of foreign dictators who send myriad planes full of money to pay off people to support ideas that are much more illegal than what can get a president impeached in the US. The ones that work for a living, the ones that are afraid for their lives and family can't do much, other than support a change before it becomes deadly for the country, and write e/mails like this. I only ask you investigate the entire story....I am not right winged, it is not a question of that, just investigate the background of this political mess...the killings, the corruption, the political mind games...please do it before is too late, and it becomes in years to come just a script for one of your Hollywood films, like Ruanda. The U.S. must understand our plight, don't meassure what happened by your standards, get to our level and see what really is going on." Maria Gutierrez

Somehow I agreed with the lady's opinion. I have no doubt that the American way are good for American but when they comparing with their believing to other, sometime somepoints did not make sense to me! (Note: I said for me!).

Last night we had dinner with someone who work for ACC! To put it my way.... he is coming to check some shrimp farms in Thailand that whether qualify enough to buy the shrimp for US customer or not. i.e...On rule and regulation of farming, child abuse, fairness to the workers, environmental friendly or not ...ta ta ta ta!

I understand when they said it is necessary for ACC to check it out. I told him that sometime there is an exceptional. i.e. For the Burmese workers who are working at the shrimps packaging or at the farm. I had heard stories that the Burmese are not treating equal and the minors are working there.....bla bla bla, but if you ask the Burmese "Is it ok that the salary you are getting which are much lower than the local even as the same load of works???"... The Burmese will answer,"Very OK"!!

Here are the exceptional that I want to point out. The Burmese are starving. Poor are dead poor and rich are becoming filthy rich. Those poor come to Thailand for a better pay job. Here they arrived to Thailand after 13 days of walking by foot. Some are Lucky enough not die of drawing or not get eating by the tiger in the jungle or not got shoot dead by insurgent.........only one reason for, "To feed their family back home!!'

As Bill Gates said.."Life is not fair get used to it!!". Seen to me it is right. For the Burmese those who landed the job at the big factories as shrimps beheaded job, it is the winner of million dollar for them. They are happy that there is a job with the payment!!

When I brought up about the Burmese Workers at the dinner table , Robins and the man said .."Well, still it doesn't make right and the ACC must look into it!!" . Yes they are OK of saying as American way of view but I am not agree to that unless ACC can find the jobs for those very starving poor Burmese Workers with the exceptional problem.

OK... I am an American now. I love USA. I admire the way they see the rule and regulation which are fit into American but it does not always work for poor dead country. For example.... We American we believe in Democracy. IF this Obama turns or turning our country into Socialism or Communism, we all should cut his balls off!! I do not want American government feeding the poor lazy people with my tax money ....Period! I wish my tax money used for poor smart people to get a better education..that's way it is very fine with me.

Honduras also still in my memory. We went to the Shrimps Meeting there. Robins gave the talk and for me to see another new country. He flew into the country first meantime I was seeking the VISA to get into the Honduras. Went to the Honduras Embassy in Guatemala, here the consular told me..."You won't get the VISA because you are holding the third world country's passport!"" (that time I was with the Burmese passport). I got so mad, so mad that I felt that the smoke came out from all over my holes. I was very controlling and asked him with the smile...."What is the ranking of your country, Honduras??". What I got back was just an "Stupid Smile" from the consular. Well I got the VISA and saw the Honduras...it was back 10 years ago.

Am I using freedom of speech like American way??? Soung like it!!

Good luck to the Honduras, Guatemala, Burma, Iran...whats more??


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