Tuesday, June 16, 2009

News about me!

Last Friday I went to have blood test. My Prograf level was 6.8 and my HBIG was 148. The liver function is very good... so does my body's Chemistry!! I thanks to God. I really do..Thank you my God!!

I just watch a TV documentary call.."The Life Lottery". It's about different transplants..i.e, liver, heart, kidney. As so many in waiting list but a few got it. So they name the documentary "The life Lottery".

To get a transplant, there are so many steps involved. You have to pass through many tests. You pass the tests then you have to wait to get a matching one! You got it, some starting a new life with happiness but some die!! The "rejection" is the most fear for us.

Transplant is like this... Here I got a new liver right but it doesn't stop there. You have to maintain your new organ which is come along with high cost maintaining!! The medicine are so expensive. Beside that you never know when this new organ going to tell you that.."I do not like you any more!!"

I pray...I do! I need someone who can make all these medicines that I am taking each day to work well in my body. I pray to God to help me. By the way I did my DNA lab last month, the result said ..
"HBV not detected", what a wonderful new that God provide me.

I am leaving to Chaing Mai tomorrow. I am going to see the New Life Foundation and The Hope Project with my friend Maria's family who lives in Miami. These NGOs helps to women who are poor, AIDS children, Orphan School and girls who are forced to become prostitutes!! I have to admit it here...I never been that kind of places before.

As I am growing older I know life is not only buying shoes and having lunch! ( I still buy shoes though..Oh!!). I learn that Faith without Action, Action without Faith won't give you salvation plan. You can not buy it with material or just kinded heart.

Bible said "Love your God with all your heart and you soul". If you love God then you listen what God wants us to do. What God said??
Kind to the neediers, love your neighbour, share your blessing.....

Next month I am going to USA. My 6 months check up is due again. MRI test....I will put my trust in God's hand. God will always give me the wisdom what ever result will be.

"The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in Him and I am helped." Psalm 28:7

Please say a prayre for all the donor families, tranplant patients and the team, Doctors and me. We need it! Love you all !!

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