Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Some Thai Massage are Wired but Good

Last Saturday I went to Chantaburi to see the Gems. It is not an easy drive or taking a ride trip at all. It tooks 3 1/2 hours to go and 3 1/2hours back. If you drive like the girl who takes me there, may be 2 hours and 45 minutes drive. She drives fast the same time she talks much!!

In the month of May this is my Third Trip to there so it's mean...I am getting tired! Not getting tire to see the Gems but sitting in the car for a long time is not pleasure! I never getting tired of seeing Gems and jewellery...Never!!

This last trip I told the girl, May is her mane, "May, I am so tired .....my neck is killing me, my butt are getting hot and my solder are hurting me." With her face brighten up, She said to me..."Well if you like we have a Wat Massage (Massage giving at the Monastery), not so far from here. It's not so nice place like you go in Bangkok but the Masseuse are very very good."

When I got tired like this trip, the only thing I want to do is close my eye balls and get massage!! So I agreed and went with her. When we arrived to the Wat (sorry I forgot the name of the Wat), I saw that 10 capacity room mix with men and women laying down side by side, I almost tell her..."NO" not here. Then I talk to myself, "Helen.....Look! you need to sit 3 1/2 hours drive back to Bangkok is another pain in the neck so don't be stupid ." That "NO" did not came out from my mouth.

I have to tell you that the bed sheet, the pillow cases are clean and well kept. Here comes my masseur, a big fat lady (by the way ....you can't find lots of fat people in Thailand like in USA. Most of them are thin or over skinny), came out and said to me in Thai, "Where do you feel pain??" I told her .. "Mostly on my neck and solders..." She said .."OK OK OK" with a lovely smile.

Right 15 minutes prior to finish, She said to me .."Sit!". I did sit. She starting to give me deep tissue massage on my neck..I felt out of this world. It was so good. Then she puts one hand under my chin and the other hand on my side head. She ordered me..."Relax!"...So I did it again. Closed the eyes and drop my neck!! I did what every you want position to her. What can I say she is the one professional masseur!

Suddenly without saying anything which I thinks she should, she twisted my neck opposite direction of her two hands....so fast action!! I heard that horrible sound like "Pook pook pook'...Gloot Gloot and gloot" came out of my neck. I was in shock and also my mouth came out what ever languages that I can say but not in Thai.... "@#$%^%&&*()_+ @#$#$%%^." People both side of next to me goes .."ha ha ha ha ha ha he he he he he.." for a long long time laughing at me. I do not like that at all!! They said " Dee mai, Dee mai, Dee Dee Dee." (its mean.... Is that good? Is that good? good good good!")

I thought I got kill in war!! It was very very short time hurting only after that I feel so light! So light that I can see clear, my eyes opened up, my neck feel good and my body feel like I am in paradise except my mouth. NOT me but my mouth was bad. I am glad that she did not understand what I was saying!! The language I sued in that moment was not so many can speak!

Some Thai Massage are wired for us but it is good. I came home with "Happy Face." But admit it that to twist my neck to the reverse side, it took me another 15 minutes for her to convince me to do so...I was tough enough to let her did it but it was GOOD!

Here are some positions of Thai Massage! Believe me it is good!

My 13 year old son who goes to one of the best British Schools in Thailand told me that "Ma ma your English Grammar is bad!" Too bad...I won't change.... so if you find something not right, fix it yourself please. Thank you very much!!


kate said...

I enjoy your grammar and like your story!

Helen said...

Hello Kate,

Very kind of you! You make me happy!! I told my son, "Shan you are half white and half yellow. Mom is fully yellow and I do speaks English but you didn't speak Burmese, Shan nor Chinese at all.." My son goes.."ha ha ha ha"

Thank you very much for your comment!!


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