Saturday, May 2, 2009

Will, who get it?

Today new: NY socialite's son in hot water over will!

Anthony Marshall is no happy for his ma ma left US$60 Million for a charities. He said his ma ma increasingly severe Alzheimer's condition get her to change her will. The will goes to a charities instead of the son, Anthony Marshall. The case is on and he will face up to 25 years in prison if convicted.

I had seen a family who were very lovely people but tare apart after the parent die...of course because of the will. This family is a good friend of mine. The children are more wealthy now they might be rich in materially but in their soul, they all are restless, sleepless and speechless!! I heard all of them have layers now cause they all do not talk each other anymore. Sad..Sad and Sad thing!! will even see some families who's parents are not DIE yet but the family feud are on.

My grandmother when they immigrant to southern border town of Burma from China, they brought silva coins along with them. My great grand mother (a pure Chinese woman who I remember wear skirt all the time and she has these funy tiny feet), bought a land in Keng Tung, Shan State. They lived in a lovely small house by the lake. OK to cut the long story short..... the land was willed to my sister and me. After my parent divorced somehow my father sold it!! My father used to be a bad guy in my eyes.

Later year LayShan, my father bought half of the mountain in Thachileik, Shan State with the money suppose to be mine's and my sister's. He puts some pineapple farm, Lichee farm ...ta ta ta and living with income from the farm. Ok in Shan State there are NO firm laws to deal with family feud.

There a period that my mother side of family were so mad at my father. I remembered my mum asked me to get back money from my father. Somehow me and my sister, we were busy with our education and happy with where we were. I am still very very happy with where I am now with Robins and Shan though. I am very comfortable without my will from my parent. Let me put it this way...I am richer in my soul and in my materially, both are fine. My blessing is countless!!

Will, what I learn about it is.....

1.If the parent screw up, mean the will is not on the proper papers (see some parents did the will just by oral thinking that the children will listen!!), OR the parent not will it in fairness, after they die the children will be fighting forever like mean dogs in one small room.

2. Even with the proper "will" by the parent if one of yours getting greedy...... all of your lives will be screw up sooner or later. Well the most greedier will be suffered the most too.

In this world in a certain level are right for "Money Talk"!!!. For Earthly Judgement yes sometime money talks very well. i .e O J Simson but see how he ending??? For me, the big thing money can't talk is "The Judgement" that I believe in.

This is what I much believe in...When I see and keel down in front of my God...God won't ask me "How much money do I have?" but for sure my God will ask me "Helen how much you hurt others??" and the big "WHY??"

For the moment I am writing my own "Will" not to Shan but to my good Christ to see. I have to make sure that Christ will be happy with my will. If not I will face the consequences!! That's how I believe.