Thursday, May 21, 2009

Deny Me?

NOTE: Please read, also Helen Said of the end!

I got the following email from a dear friend of mine who lives in PANAMA. She is a Catholic. I like her alot because she is one of my friends who has huge thought about me, kind to me, pray for me when I was sick and nice to every workers we had! I have know her for a long time. We used to fish together in the Caribbean Sea, actually many times. I remembered that she just sat in the boat, not dare to touch nothing because she is a pure city lady looks meantime here I was enjoying so much catching fish!! She came with us as a evening outing.

I love fishing!! The best part is cooking the fish that you catch for the day. Some time we even can shared to our farm workers. It was a very nice time of living in the Shrimps Farms. I love fishing but the rest I hated that Country (I won't mention the name of the country as a nice diplomatic gesture!!). So small and nothing to do much, the size of the country is slightly bigger than a Village!! But.... I love to go back there just as a tourist (may be as a fishing trip), not to stay there like part of my 6 years as I did before!!

I miss you Poppe.

OK Let see what she sent to me!!

"The movie Corpus Christi is due to be released this June to August.

This disgusting film set to appear in America later this year and it depicts Jesus and his disciples as homosexuals! As a play, this has already been in theatres for a while.

It's called Corpus Christi ' which means ' The Christ Body.' It's a revolting mockery of our Lord. But, we can make a difference. That's why I am sending this e-mail to you. If you do send this around, we may be able to prevent this film from showing in America and South Africa .

Apparently, some regions in Europe have already banned the film. We need a lot of prayers and a lot of e-mails.

As a Christian I want to take a stand in what I believe in and stop the mockery of Jesus Christ our Savior.

At the risk of a bit of inconvenience, I'm forwarding this to all I think would appreciate it. Please help us prevent such offenses against our Lord. It will take you less than 2 minutes to pass it on.

If you are not interested, or do not have the 2 Minutes it will take to do this , please don't complain when God does not have time for you, because He is far busier than we are.

Remember, Jesus said 'Deny Me on earth and I'll deny you before my Father'."

Helen Said: You no need to send this email to no one. As I am a true Christian, I don't care how many movies came out against My God Christ! You know why???????

"A ture Christian faith does not depend on Hollywood or other's making movies which the only main interest for them is "to make the money"!!.

"A true Christian faith is deep and firm!! For me the trust, the believing, the love and the faith that I have for Christ, there is nothing can't destroy it!!"

You know when I die some point you all will forget me but Christ said...."Heaven and Earth will move a way but my name shall stay forever and ever". After 2009 years, Indeed.."Jesus Christ is still living" and see how many (including me) are still loving him and worshiping him!!! I would say many many people.

I am not worry at all. My God can taking care of business..actually all the business in God's time and in God's ways.

I see a very clear picture here which is Hollywood not have done yet. It's a movie I would call "Becareful"!! Some (not all) , they are taking advantage of the niceness, the tenderness,, the patient of Christianity. Let me tell you if you did such kind of movie to other people's religion or religions..."You might get your heads chop off".. but here my God tell me....

"Love your neighbour as you love yourself":...... Yes Christ said to me also ....."Deny Me On Earth and I Will Deny You Before My Father".

God is Good!! Very Good!!

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