Friday, May 22, 2009

I Do Not Understand

I was having a cup of coffee and reading my newspaper this morning. I want to talk news about "US lawmakers against having Guantanamo detainees in their states", the news that bothering me a lot. It was from Bangkok The Nation Newspaper, dated May 22, 2009.

I am not a politician so I do not know much about politic but I know what happening because I read! Like......I do not know how's my doctor transplanted a liver into my body in detail but I know what Organ Transplant is! Say.......I am not totally knowledgeless but I know what happening around.

OK let's see the new and the things that I do not understand!....

The News: Obama takes on the explosive topic a day after Senate, at the behest of majority Democrats, denied his request for $80 million(Thai Money Baht 2.8 Billion), to close the prison.

My question: What on earth the Obama request for $80 million? Is he knows that the value of $80 million? I am so glad that some Democrats, their heads and bodies are still attached and working well to denied of his request. I know Obama pays the Tax but so do I and the rest of good US citizens.

The News: Obama's plan of works...
#Using federal court to try those who have violated criminal law;
#Using military commissions to try those charged with violating the rules of war; and
# Transferring detainees to third countries when that is possible and does not pose security risk.

My question: #I respect of the rules of war but how could you deal with those people who do or did not understand or ignoring of the rules of war? Here Obama is playing guitar in front of the lion!!

ie...While we are treating Chicken Grill and giving prayer mats to Guantanamo detainees here the US Civilians, our missionary, our media men and our troops are getting their heads chop off??

#Transferring detainees to third countries! OK name me or to us that third countries which willing to take these wonderful presents that Obama are planning to send to them. My worry is...
Can Obama name them??

The News: Obama administration says the prison has become a "recruiting poster for al-Qaeda because prisoners were being held indefinitely without charges and some were subjected to "enhanced interrogation, including water boarding , a simulated drowning technique that Obama has called torture.

My Question: Do we need to use darling, honey, sweety, hello boys to detainees when interrogating? How well respond will get back? I think the detainees will laugh their butt off!! I do understand that you can not water boarding to good people but I do not understand that why can't the authority water boarding to the bad guys in order to get information which will or might prevent the next attacking??

Here we got 4 planes hited US Soil and got killed 3600 ++ and more still killing....for that the Obama said this water boarding and simulated drawing is torture!! Is he President or Preacher?? What's a poohter!! Sound like revenging right? Ask me that I have the answer for you but now this will be another blog.

The News: ....When prisons close, inmates must either be released or sent to other jails and Obama sill "has not decided where some of the detainees will be transferred," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said on Wednesday.

My Question: Where and How the Obama starting to think about this plan? What are the objectives of this plan? Our President need a good night sleep now. I just blog to say... I do not understand!!

The news: The Lawmakers from both houses of Congress have gone on record criticising the lack of specific plans about where to house inmates who are considered too dangerous for release or transfer to other countries.......

While France has accepted ONE prisoner, other European allies have refused or given non-specific commitments.

My Question: Why France has accepted only one prisoner? Why only one? Why not 2? This is what I understand on the France......Because they are using their brains!! Why other European allies have refused to give commitments? ..... Because they also do using their heads too!! People need happy not worry.

Well one thing I do understand that the USA, my country, has "Prisoners for sale"!!

I do not understand What going on in our Obama's head but this is my wish...I hope that Obama is not only eager to built his name sake good but for the sake of USA people....only!!

Good luck Mr. President on your Guantanamo detainees plan!! I love you Mr. President but I do not understand!!

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