Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Believe

Note: Read this only if you have time to kill!! The blue is someone sent me but the red is my believing which is for sure totally not right!!

I Believe...
That just because two people argue, It doesn't mean they don't love each other. And just because they don't argue, It doesn't mean they do love each other..
Helen's believe...
Two people argue often I think they do hate each other and...they don't argue they both in peace!

I Believe....
That we don't have to change friends if We understand that friends change.
Helen's believe...
If my friends change I have to change if not I will be the one in sad! Sad is not good for no one, either for me or for my friends ..life move on!!

I Believe...
That no matter how good a friend is, They're going to hurt you every once in a while And you must forgive them for that.
Helen's believe...
If a good friend hurt me once she/he will be still loved by me but this friend hurt me more than once hummmmmmm...time for a lesson to her/he???

I Believe...
That true friendship continues to grow, Even over the longest distance. Same goes for true love..
Helen's believe...
True love is good but too many true loves will be come a cheap stuff!

I Believe...
That you can do something in an instant That will give you heartache for life.
Helen's believe...
I will or I won't play Violin in front of Buffalo..they knows nothing beside being Buffalo moreover might kick me too! So I believe in think twice before you do or going to do.

I Believe...
That you should always leave loved ones with Loving words. It may be the last time you see them.
Helen's believe..
My problem is how could I do if they pop up often in front of my door and no last time?? 12 midnight, 12 noon??

I Believe...
That you can keep going long after you think you can't.
Helen's believe.
We all have certain steps that we can walk . There is a point that I can't walk anymore without the God Lord's helping hands!!

I Believe...
That we are responsible for what We do, no matter how we feel.
Helen's believe..
We are responsible for what we do but Lawyers always help too. Ofcurese only if you pay them to take responsible with you.

I Believe...
That either you control your attitude or it controls you. I also Believe...That money is a lousy way of keeping score.
Helen's believes..
Oh Yesssssssssssssssssss 100 % agree on that!

I Believe...
That my best friend and I, can do anything, or nothing and have the best time.
Helen's believes..
The problems is I do have some lazy best friends who I can do nothing with beside eating and eating and eating.....I do have a problem with friends don't I?

I Believe...
That sometimes the people you expect to kick you when you're down, will be the ones to help you get back up.
Helen's believes..
Oh I do see people kick the hell out of you and pull back up with a kind harts to you too.

I Believe...
That sometimes when I'm angry I have the right to be angry, But that doesn't give me the right to be cruel.
Helen's believes..
Oh yes everyone the right to be angry if someone mock you! Laugh at you! Belittle to you! OR Yell at you! If a dog bite you, will you run or will you fight back with stick!!

I Believe....
That it isn't always enough, To be forgiven by others. Sometimes, you have to learn to forgive yourself.
Helen's believes....
How could we do with the person who do not know how to accept the forgiven?? I believe in "Drop that person!!

I Believe...
That no matter how bad your heart is broken The world doesn't stop for your grief.
Helen's believes..
Thanks goodness that every time when I faced for the heart broken I got a new boyfriend fast! (talking about my single life). I used to have a very short time broken heart. I am good at taking care of the business.

I Believe......
That you shouldn't be so eager to find Out a secret. It could change your life Forever.
Helen's believes..
Oh no...I do want to know if Robins (my husband), has a secret or not. I really do. Rather face life change forever than be a dummy wife and be the center of the joke!!

I Believe...
Two people can look at the exact same Thing and see something totally different.
Helen Believe..
I hope all the transplant doctors do the same best procedure on operation table and not seeing different and fighting on the organ!

I Believe...
That your life can be changed in a matter of Hours by people who don't even know you.
Helen's believes...
A stranger told me once "Dorian is very good fruit to eat, try it!" . I did and hate the Dorian forever and dislike that stranger forever more too. Yes! He did change my life in a minute to hate that Dorian!! What a impact??

I Believe....
That even when you think you have no more to give, When A friend cries out to you - You will find the strength to help.
Helen's believes.....
I have so many family members and close people cry on me that I have no strength more to help. On top of that mostly they need help are in cash.... "MONEY"!!! No one ask me spiritually help though!! I think I am good at to cheer up some one's soul but look like most of the people are strong in spiritually and poor in money, Including me OK.

PS. I like to share the following.

"When pride comes, then comes shame; but with the humble is wisdom." Proverbs 11:2

Beside above of all, I am praying that to be a humble person and may God provide me the "wisdom" to deal with all in humbly!!

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