Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lucky Yoko Uno

Every time I see John and Yoko photos this is what I say to myself..... What a love from John and what a lucky for Yoko Ono. OK before I write this blog I have to say something ahead! I will write this blog simply what I see about Ono without nasty minded.

I see differences among in women!

Group A: Women in this group.... They are not beautiful but they have style. They present very well with class, with clothes which make them look beautiful and expensive. i.e: Michelle Obama, Babara Walter, Jakie Kennedy. Michelle's mouth, Babara's nose and Jakie's jaws are bad but combine together they look class.

Group B:Women in this group...They are beautiful but just do not know how to dress beside just big boob with no class. i.e: Pamela Anderson, Britney Spare

Group C: Women in this group...not beautiful but also very trying and very exposing!! i.e Ivana Trump, Joy Behar.

Group D: Women in this group beautiful with boob also exposing with Class!! i.e:
Scarlett Johensen, Queen Latifa, Jennifer Hudson, Peneloppe Cruz

Group E: Women have nothing but pretty face, sexy with fun. i.e:Kate Hudson, Reese Witherspoon:

Now back to YOKO ONO, Where can I put her in above groups??

This is what I see her...She is not beautiful, Not stylish, Not likable, Not sweet, But Mean face and ugly!! I just dislike her sun glasses which she puts on rain, sunny, cloudy or smoky!! But..................... She got John Lennon!!
In Asian famous women I think she is unfortunately the most unattracted one but NOT in John's eyes though. This is what make this world interesting and colourful!!
Now in this blog I am talking about the first layer of skin!!


Helen said...

I forgot to add one more! Yoko Ono, her face is very similar to a mountian people in Burma. These people are "Karan" people!!

Anonymous said...

Hate that glasses!

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